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Bloodstock Selection & Racehorse Breeding

Australian Thoroughbred Bloodstock offer services on Bloodstock Selection and Breeding Selection.

Bloodstock Selection

Australian Thoroughbred Bloodstock attend all the major yearling sales each year at Magic Millions (Gold Coast and Adelaide), Inglis (Easter and Melbourne Premier) and the NZ Bloodstock sales in New Zealand, where we inspect 1000′s of yearlings.

We arrive at the sales complex a few days prior to the sales and commence the process of physical inspection of the yearling which can take up to 3 to 5 minutes each. We are looking at condition, size, conformation in body and legs.

We notate on each page comments relating to the yearlings and then prior to the sale compile a short list which provides the basis for a second inspection.

Once we have drafted our final list, it is at this time that we employ a vet to examine both the x-rays and physical conformation of the horse to be used in our final selection process.Once the vets have viewed the x-rays of knees and joints of our selected yearlings, if there are any concerns about suitability for racing of these yearlings they are ruled out.

We then may ask the potential trainer to inspect those yearlings that are slated for them to train, to seek their opinion.

Then it’s crunch time, we have a final list of horses and we set reserves which we stick to, this ensures we do not get carried away in the excitement of the auction process.

Often the sequence of selling does not suit you as your first five picks may be sold after your second five picks, so it’s tough to watch them sell and wait for your favoured ones which you are no certainty to acquire at your reserve price.

Once we have purchased our Bloodstock, they are then advertised to our clients and on our website at the Horses Available page We currently have some lovely Bloodstock for sale on our website and encourage you to take a look at what's on offer.

Horse Breeding

If you have an interest in the breeding side of the thoroughbred industry and would like to learn more about it, ATB can help guide you through the process.

We can advise you on buying a share in a broodmare to share the costs of breeding with co-owners and we will guide you every step of the way we retain a share ourselves to guarantee our commitment to your breeding program. We have packages to suit various budgets.

This is a very exciting and satisfying aspect of thoroughbreds that you may wish to explore. We would be happy to answer any questions and to help you get involved.

Under our breeding arm Esker Lodge, we have had very good results in three years of commercial selling, 2020 our best result at Melbourne Premier as the best Victorian farm averaging $226,000 from six lots sold.