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Oct 21, 2019

Spring racing is well and truly underway.

It is the time of year that most eyes - professional or novice - get heavily involved, either as a punter, socialite, family or an owner.

Many fantastic experiences are celebrated during this time of the racing season.

The weather is on the improve and the best of the best are gearing up for racing's riches.

Many people outside racing feel racehorse ownership is financially out of reach, but this is far from the truth.

Syndication or owning a share in a racehorse as a group has grown rapidly over the past ten years.

Some of the biggest races have been won by large groups of friends/owners.

Sharing the costs, but experiencing that same winning thrill has become part of this great industry.

Our business is not only to bring likeminded groups together to forge ownership groups, but we also like to grow friendships while experiencing the thrill of racing and winning.

Many of our owners have been with us since day one, and many of them have grown loving friendships through racing.

Darren & Liz Dance have successfully raced horses for over 25 years and during that time have syndicated horses to win some of our biggest races.

Near misses in the Melbourne Cup with Heartbreak City (2nd, 2016) Jakkalberry (3rd, 2012) and Dandino (5th, 2013) show that their business can create the best racing experiences an owner can wish for.

At their Manningtree Park farm at Beremboke, near Ballan in Victoria they have over 30 broodmares.

Each year over 20 foals land on the spring grasses and from day one are groomed for a racing career.

Rearing and then syndicating these horses to race is an absolute passion for Darren & Liz. They love their horses.

But without sharing this experience with large syndicates of owners, the thrill would be lessened.

Horses, people, racing, laughing, socialising and mixing it with racing's elite at a 'bread and butter' budget is what ATB has created.

Recently we have just added five new homebred yearlings to our sales page.

If you have a group of friends wishing to form a racing syndicate please click on the link below and then give us a call.

I can explain to you how it all works and the ladies in the office will also be on hand to guide you along.


Racing with friends is the way to go and we would love your group to join us here at ATB.

You can also call Peter or Darren direct for more details on racehorse shares or racing syndicates.

Peter Morganti: 0428 378049

Darren Dance: 0417 616666