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Runners & Results 2018-19


Runners Winners Placings  Wins to Runners % Top 3 Finish %
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Date  Venue Horse Trainer Placing   Comments
July 28th, 2019BendigoSirius DealMatt Cumani6thLed and rolled along but tired late
July 27th, 2019CaulfieldAngel LassRobbie Griffiths12thHeading for a spell
July 27th, 2019CaulfieldCollectableRobbie Griffiths3rdAnother excellent effort, deserves a win
July 26th, 2019MilduraFrench FizzCiaron Maher & David Eustace4thLed, weakened late, needs to settle better
July 25th, 2019EchucaSafety DanceDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig4thHonest again, although shifty track against
July 24th, 2019SandownWrite Your NameArchie Alexander8thDisappointing, didn't handle Heavy track
July 24th, 2019SandownConneryArchie Alexander3rdWinner too good, but battled on okay
July 22nd, 2019BallinrobeMelburnianTony Martin3rdNice effort only beaten 1.5 len
July 21st, 2019Pakenham (s)DentaraRobbie Griffiths8thSecond poor run on synthetic
July 21st, 2019WangarattaLady MakfiRobbie Griffiths8thDisappointing run
July 20th, 2019FlemingtonCrack The CodeMick Price3rdHeld up at a crucial stage, but closed late
July 20th, 2019FlemingtonMr Money BagsRobbie Griffiths12thRan off his feet, but okay late
July 20th, 2019FlemingtonCollectableRobbie Griffiths5thBarrier made it tough, but was terrific late
July 20th, 2019FlemingtonRobe De FeteRobbie Griffiths11thStruggled
July 20th, 2019FlemingtonSirius SuspectSaab Hasan1stStrong on pace win, well deserved
July 20th, 2019Eagle FarmYogiCiaron Maher & David Eustace3rdBrave with big weight
July 20th, 2019MorphettvilleMai Shiny ChoiceMatthew Williams2ndHonest on speed effort
July 16th, 2019Ballarat (S)Safety DanceDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig3rdNot much luck, honest again
July 14th, 2019BendigoWrite Your NameArchie Alexander2ndHonest effort again
July 14th, 2019BendigoPeriscopePaul Preusker6thRan on well despite not liking heavy track
July 13th, 2019MackayShe Goes BoomJohn Manzelmann11thPoor again
July 13th, 2019CaulfieldAngel LassRobbie GriffithsLastForget run
July 12th, 2019GeelongLady  MakfiRobbie Griffiths2ndRun on well, looking for 1500/1600
July 12th, 2019GeelongSirius DealMatt Cumani5thFair effort
July 10th, 2019SandownDentaraRobbie Griffiths11thDisappointing effort
July 10th, 2019SandownCaptain HarryMitch Freedman1stGreat effort, deserving city winner
July 9th, 2019Pakenham (S)Ransom MoneyMitch Freedman3rdRan on well from a long way back
July 6th, 2019FlemingtonCollectableRobbie Griffiths3rdGreat run, unlucky not to have finished closer
July 6th, 2019FlemingtonSirius SuspectSaab Hasan4thGood effort, should have ran 3rd, but for check
July 6th, 2019FlemingtonIgniterRobbie Griffiths10thMissed start, galloped on, spell
July 5th, 2019BendigoFrench FizzCiaron Maher & David Eustace5thOkay return, tired late
July 4th, 2019CranbourneLady MakfiRobbie Griffiths8thNo luck in the straight, should have run second
July 3rd, 2019SandownAngel LassRobbie Griffiths2ndStrong effort sitting outside the leader
July 2nd, 2019Ballarat (S)Safety DanceDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig3rdAnother honest effort
June 29th, 2019MackayShe Goes BoomJohn Manzelmann8thDidn't show much from the good barrier
June 29th, 2019CaulfieldRobe De FeteRobbie Griffiths8thDisappointing
June 29th, 2019CaulfieldAngel LassRobbie Griffiths6thLooking for further
June 28th, 2019GeelongLord LennoxRobbie Griffiths6thRan out of puff first-up
June 27th, 2019MoeDentaraRobbie Griffiths3rdMuch improved run
June 24th, 2019Ballarat (S)Sirius DealMatt Cumani3rdHonest effort, albeit long way behind winner
June 24th, 2019WangarattaCondover HallMitch Freedman6thHad his chance, didn't finish off at all
June 24th. 2019Lyon ParillyTiberianAlain CouetilLastLast run for ATB
June 23rd, 2019BendigoWrite Your NameArchie Alexander2ndSolid first-up run, take good fitness
June 23rd, 2019BendigoMai Shiny ChoiceMatthew Williams4thOkay run, only beaten 1.6 len
June 22nd, 2019Down RoyalMelburnianTony Martin5thBeaten 7.5 len, winner won by 5.5 len
June 22nd, 2019FlemingtonConneryArchie Alexander8thEven effort, only beaten 2.5 len
June 20th, 2019WarrnamboolLady MakfiRobbie Griffiths4thHandled heavy conditions, looking for 1400m
June 19th, 2019SandownCaptain HarryMitch Freedman4thSolid effort, running home strongly
June 19th, 2019SandownCollectableRobbie Griffiths4thDidn't handle the Heavy 9
June 18th, 2019BallaratSafety DanceDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig2ndTried hard, just found one a bit better again
June 15th, 2019RosehillYogiCiaron Maher & David Eustace2ndFlew late, just missed, good to see him back in form
June 14th, 2019CorkMelburnianTony Martin4thImproved run on the flat
June 13th, 2019MackayShe Goes BoomJohn ManzelmannLastDisappointing
June 13th, 2019Ballarat (S)Ransom MoneyMitch Freedman4thHonest again, only beaten 1.4 lengths
June 12th, 2019SaleWhitemoreRobbie Griffiths13thChoked down on mud
June 12th, 2019SaleAngel LassRobbie Griffiths7thWrong part of track, got bogged
June 9th, 2019Swan HillConneryArchie Alexander7thRan well, only beaten 1.6 in open company
June 8th, 2019MorphettvilleRobe De FeteRobbie Griffiths7thDisappointing run
June 8th, 2019FlemingtonSirius SuspectSaab Hasan4thFirst try at 1400m, tired late, but ran well
June 6th, 2019SeymourCollectableRobbie Griffiths1stSettled off the pace and far too strong late
June 6th, 2019SeymourMazy MotionArchie Alexander3rdEven to the post, barrier meant back to far
June 4th, 2019CastertonMai Shiny ChoiceMatthew Williams1stGame front-running win, back to back
June 1st, 2019BendigoSilver StratumArchie Alexander14thDisappointing
June 1st, 2019CaulfieldAngel LassRobbie Griffiths6thRan home strongly
June 1st, 2019CaulfieldIgniterRobbie Griffiths10thDidn't handle the slow conditions
May 31st, 2019Pakenham (S)Safety DanceDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig3rdLed, but pressured, held on well for a placing
May 30th, 2019TownsvilleShe Goes BoomJohn Manzelmann4thRan home okay from well back
May 28th, 2019HamiltonCaptain HarryMitch Freedman1stBack in form, looks ideal again
May 27th, 2019Ballarat (S)Lady MakfiRobbie Griffiths8thMissed the start, never in the race
May 27th, 2019Ballarat (S)Condover HallMitch Freedman10thLoomed to win, but faded badly in the straight
May 27th, 2019Ballarat (S)Ransom MoneyMitch Freedman1stNice ride, solid win, another rehab success
May 26th, 2019SandownWhitemoreRobbie Griffiths3rdStrong effort, beaten narrowly in good BM64
May 26th, 2019WarracknabealSirius DealMatt Cumani3rdMuch better effort, ran home strongly
May 25th, 2019FlemingtonRobe De FeteRobbie Griffiths5thSolid return at big odds down the straight
May 25th, 2019FlemingtonSirius SuspectSaab Hasan3rdStrong effort at Listed level
May 24th, 2019GeelongMazy MotionArchie Alexander3rdHonest again, leader too strong
May 23rd, 2019Pakenham (S)DentaraRobbie Griffiths9thDisappointing, very fresh in the blinkers
May 23rd, 2019Pakenham (S)Tycoon GriffoRobbie Griffiths3rdMuch improved effort
May 22nd, 2019BallaratSilver StratumArchie Alexander8thBetter effort, just needs wet ground
May 18th, 2019FlemingtonIgniterRobbie Griffiths2ndCareer best run, loving the extended trip
May 16th, 2019Pakenham (S)WhitemoreRobbie Griffiths2ndNailed right on the post, racing in great heart
May 16th, 2019Pakenham (S)Safety DanceDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig4thHonest run, tired late
May 15th, 2019SandownConneryArchie Alexander1stHorse is flying, easy win
May 12th, 2019KillarneyMelburnianTony MartinLRLost her rider at the second hurdle
May 12th, 2019EchucaTycoon GriffoRobbie GriffithsLastDisappointing effort
May 11th, 2019DonaldRansom MoneyMitch Freedman5thNot comfortable in conditions, but ran well
May 11th, 2019DonaldCaptain HarryMitch Freedman1stReturned to winner's list in good style
May 11th, 2019DonaldCondover HallMitch Freedman3rdNo luck when needed in home straight
May 11th, 2019CaulfieldAngel LassRobbie Griffiths3rdGreat run in stronger class
May 11th, 2019CaulfieldSirius SuspectSaab Hasan6thGood first-up run
May 9th, 2019PakenhamIgniterRobbie Griffiths1stGutsy win, looking for further now
May 9th, 2019SeymourLady MakfiRobbie Griffiths5thNot much luck in straight, looking for 1400 now.
May 9th, 2019SeymourMazy MotionArchie Alexander2ndLovely ride. just missed behind smart filly
May 9th, 2019SeymourSirius DealMatt Cumani5thMuch better effort after being gelded
May 5th, 2019BendigoSilver StratumArchie Alexander11thAverage run, but desperately wants a heavy track
May 5th, 2019BendigoOceanityRobbie GriffithsLastGave nothing in the home straight
May 5th, 2019BendigoHere De FoxMitch Freedman6thOkay effort, crowded for room not her go
May 5th, 2019BairnsdaleWhitemoreRobbie Griffiths1stBack in trip, but too good on the heavy track
May 4th, 2019Paris LongchampTiberianAlain Couetil7thGave nothing late in the race
May 4th, 2019MorphettvilleCollectableRobbie Griffiths9thPoorly ridden against pre race plans
May 2nd, 2019KilcoyShe Goes BoomTony Gollan7thNever a chance
May 2nd, 2019WarrnamboolMai Shiny ChoiceMatthew Williams1stGreat training effort, solid narrow win
May 1st, 2019WarrnamboolConneryArchie Alexander1stDaring ride, great finishing burst to win
April 29th, 2019SaleAngel LassRobbie Griffiths1stSat outside leader and just held on, nice effort
April 26th, 2019WerribeeSafety DanceDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig2ndJust missed in a much improved effort back to 1600
April 25th, 2019FlemingtonIgniterRobbie Griffiths10thDisappointing result, but time to step out in trip
April 24th, 2019PakenhamMisty SeaMitch Freedman8thAverage effort
April 24th, 2019PakenhamWhitemoreRobbie Griffiths1stFinally gets his Maiden win
April 24th, 2019WangarattaCaptain HarryMitch Freedman4thLoomed to win, but faded
April 22nd 2019ToowoombaShe Goes BoomTony Gollan3rdHonest again, albeit well beaten
April 21st, 2019Cork (Ireland)MelburnianTony Martin6thImproved effort again, making ground from last
April 21st, 2019StawellAstrologicalArchie Alexander6thOnly fair to the line
April 20th, 2019WarracknabealRansom MoneyMitch Freedman2ndFlew home, narrowly missed first up
April 20th, 2019CaulfieldCollectableRobbie Griffiths3rdRan home strongly, on target for SA Oaks
April 18th, 2019PakenhamHere De FoxMitch Freedman3rdVery strong late, looking for 1400m
April 18th, 2019PakenhamOceanityRobbie Griffiths1stToughed out a strong win
April 16th, 2019BendigoCondover HallMitch Freedman6thEven effort, ready for 2000m now
April 15th, 2019SeymourLady MakfiRobbie Griffiths3rdNice first up run
April 15th, 2019SeymourMazy MotionArchie Alexander4thRan home strongly
April 14th, 2019TerangSilver StratumArchie Alexander13thPass mark, treated as a trial
April 13th, 2019RandwickYogiCiaron Maher & David Eustace16thNever in the hunt, pulled two shoes
April 12th, 2019CranbourneWhitemoreRobbie Griffiths2ndLooked home, nabbed late
April 11th, 2019GattonShe Goes BoomTony Gollan3rdOkay effort, run down late
April 11th, 2019KynetonSafety DanceDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig11thPoor effort, head gear to come off and back to 1600
April 7th, 2019FairyhouseMelburnianTony Martin16thSettled well back, made ground late
April 5th, 2019CranbourneWhitemoreRobbie Griffiths2ndAnother good effort, beaten by smart galloper
April 4th, 2019PakenhamCaptain HarryMitch Freedman3rdMuch better run, finishing off strongly
April 4th, 2019IpswichShe Goes BoomTony Gollan4thBetter run beaten two lengths
April 3rd, 2019SandownIgniterRobbie Griffiths7thOne pace throughout, just tired late
April 3rd, 2019SandownAstrologicalArchie Alexander6thFair run, might be looking for 1400m now
April 2nd, 2019BendigoMisty SeaMitch Freedman4thNice run, ready to win now
April 1st, 2019HamiltonHere De FoxMitch Freedman2ndFinished hard to just miss
March 31st, 2019SaleOceanityRobbie Griffiths3rdOkay first-up
March 31st, 2019SaleCollectableRobbie Griffiths1stFantastic first-up return winning easily
March 30th, 2019RosehillYogiCiaron Maher & David Eustace5thSolid Sydney Cup trial, finishing strongly
March 30th, 2019BendigoOhm's LawRobbie GriffithsFFUnfortunately bowed a tendon
March 29th, 2019WarrnamboolCondover HallMitch Freedman5thPleasing return, running on strongly.
March 26thGeelongSafety DanceDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig5thLed, but didn't kick on as well as expected
March 26th, 2019GeelongLord LennoxRobbie Griffiths1stStrong and decisive win
March 24th, 2019Sunshine CoastSkulduggeryDamian Batters7thFar to short, but run will bring on fitness
March 24th, 2019BairnsdaleWhitemoreRobbie Griffiths2ndGood effort after a freshen up
March 23rd, 2019GattonShe Goes BoomTony Gollan9thNo luck early, but still disappointing
March 20th, 2019KynetonAstrologicalArchie Alexander6thFair first-up effort, best work late
March 16th, 2019FlemingtonMr Money BagsRobbie Griffiths11thStuck to his guns bravely against topliners.
March 16th, 2019FlemingtonFact Or FableRobbie Griffiths7thRan okay, a bit lost down the straight first time. Spell.
March 16th, 2019FlemingtonWrite Your NameArchie Alexander5thDisappointing, geld
March 14th, 2019WarrnamboolCaptain HarryMitch Freedman9thGot too far back, ran home okay
March 12th, 2019EchucaSafety DanceDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig1stLovely ride and proved too good
March 11th, 2019BallaratMisty SeaMitch Freedman8thPlain late, but was 3 wide the trip
March 11th, 2019BallaratLord LennoxRobbie Griffiths4thRan home well, but needs further
March 11th, 2019BallaratSirius DealMatt Cumani7thDisappointing again
March 11th, 2019BallaratGamayArchie Alexander6thRan home nicely on debut
March 9th, 2019FlemingtonYogiCiaron Maher & David Eustace8thGreat run, closing late in great splits
March 6th, 2019BendigoHere De FoxMitch Freedman1stSolid win off a cold sit. First ATB win for trainer Mitch Freedman.
March 3rd, 2019Sunshine CoastShe Goes BoomTony Gollan2ndNice first-up run, although well beaten
March 2nd, 2019FlemingtonWrite Your NameArchie Alexander4thThree wide no cover, strong effort
March 1st, 2019Moonee ValleyFact Or FableRobbie Griffiths6thForget run
February 27th, 2019SandownCarraig AonairDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom DabernigLastDidn't try, now retired
February 27th, 2019SandownOhm's LawRobbie Griffiths8thUp in to open age, but ran home nicely late.
February 27th, 2019SandownLord LennoxRobbie Griffiths3rdFormer International who hit the line strongly
February 24th, 2019SaleMisty SeaMitch Freedman8thFitter now, hit the line okay
February 22nd, 2019Moonee ValleyCrack The CodeMick Price10thSlow away, never in it, pulled a shoe, spell, great prep, now a group winning mare
February 21st, 2019WarrnamboolThink BabeMatthew WilliamsLastUnfortunately bled. Three month ban
February 19th, 2019SeymourSirius DealMatt Cumani7thEven first-up effort, fitter for the run
February 19th, 2019SeymourConneryArchie Alexander2ndGreat run, ready to win
February 17th, 2019WerribeeSafety DanceDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig3rdNice effort, ready to win
February 16th, 2019BendigoOhm's LawRobbie Griffiths1stKept giving all the way to the post, strong win
February 16th, 2019BendigoFact Or FableRobbie Griffiths1stToo strong in the run home
February 16th, 2019FlemingtonMr Money BagsRobbie Griffiths3rdNice effort only beaten 1.8
February 14th, 2019WarrnamboolMai Shiny ChoiceMatthew Williams2ndRan well first go the trip, beaten by smart one
February 12th, 2019KynetonCaptain HarryMitchell Freedman4thFair effort, better for the run
February 9th, 2019CaulfieldSocial SpinMick Price5thLoomed but faded late
February 9th, 2019CaulfieldCrack The CodeMick Price1stLovely ride for a painless G3 win
February 9th, 2019CaulfieldYogiCiaron Maher & David Eustace1stFantastic first-up win over 1800m
February 8th, 2019Moonee ValleyCarraig AonairDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig4thEven effort.
February 6th, 2019AraratWhitemoreRobbie Griffiths6thSlow away and firm track against him
February 1st, 2019CaulfieldMr Money BagsRobbie Griffiths6thDisappointing, maybe the track
January 30th, 2019PakenhamSaint JakkalDarren Weir8thMoved into race, but tired late
January 30th, 2019WerribeeSafety DanceDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig4thImproved run, tired late, ready now
January 28th, 2019SandownThink BabeDarren Weir3rdRan well again, ready to win over 1600m
January 27th, 2019GeelongOhm's LawRobbie Griffiths11thGot a long way back, needs racing & further
January 27th, 2019GeelongFrench FizzDarren Weir1stA well deserved all the way Maiden win
January 26th, 2019CaulfieldSocial SpinDarren Weir1stThree wide with big weight, but far too good
January 26th, 2019CaulfieldCrack The CodeMick Price1stThree wide the trip, but too classy for narrow win
January 25th, 2019Moonee ValleyCarraig AonairDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig7thLed, but weakened late
January 23rd, 2019SandownConneryArchie Alexander5thPass mark run after a long injury break
January 23rd, 2019SandownAngel LassRobbie Griffiths2ndBetter run, beaten by smart horse
January 22nd, 2019WarrnamboolMai Shiny ChoiceMatthew Williams2ndRan well, beaten by better horse
January 22nd, 2019WarrnamboolCaptain HarryDarren Weir6thMissed the start, ran home okay first-up
January 18th, 2019CranbourneMisty SeaDarren Weir6thOkay on a track that was really cut up.
January 17th, 2019PakenhamWhitemoreRobbie Griffiths6thLong way back, slowly run, hard to make ground
January 17th, 2019GeelongSafety DanceDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig7thRan on well late from a long way back
January 16th, 2019SandownThink BabeDarren Weir5thNice effort, now looking to step out in trip
January 16th, 2019KynetonHere De FoxDarren Weir5thDisappointing, but may pay to forgive as it was 40 degrees
January 12th, 2019FlemingtonMr Money BagsRobbie Griffiths4thUnlucky not to finish closer, caught in traffic.
January 12th, 2019FlemingtonAngel LassRobbie Griffiths5thnot suited to the Flemington straight
January 11th, 2019HamiltonOn The RadarDarren Weir5thWill take a lot of improvement from the run. Looking for further.
January 11th, 2019CranbourneSaint JakkalDarren Weir10thForget run, lost a front shoe.
January 9th, 2019CaulfieldCarraig AonairDavid & Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig4th
January 6th, 2019WarrnamboolMai Shiny ChoiceMatthew Williams2ndSolid effort, needs to draw a good gate.
January 6th, 2019WarrnamboolFashion StockArchie Alexander6thDistance suits, pass mark, better for the run
January 6th, 2019WarrnamboolHere De FoxDarren Weir2nd
January 2nd, 2019SandownRobe De FeteRobbie Griffiths1st
January 1st, 2019FlemmingtonSocial SpinDarren Weir1stSuper run
January 1st, 2019 Mornington French Fizz Darren Weir 5thEarly pressure, over raced a little, too tired the last 200m
December 31st, 2018 Warrnambool My Shiny Choice Matthew Williams 5th 5 wide on corner no cover, poor ride
December 31st, 2018 Warrnambool Tulpar Robbie Griffiths 2nd
December 29th, 2018Mooney ValleyCrack the CodeMick Price1stWon with ease, impressive.
Dec 29th, 2018 Mooney Valley Dentara Robbie Griffiths 10thDisappointing run
Dec, 28th, 2018BairnsdaleAngel LassRobbie Griffiths1stDominant win down in grade
Dec 28th, 2018 Cranbourne Saint Jakkal Darren Weir 7thLooking for further
Dec 26th, 2018 Caulfield Carraig Aonair D & B Hayes & T Dabernig 9thTired in the last furlong. Needs to lift.
Dec 26th, 2018 Caulfield Think Babe Darren Weir 6thAnother run before blinkers on, track too firm.
Dec 24th, 2018 Werribee Periscope Darren Weir 5thTired late, look to be winning next run
Dec 22nd, 2018 Colac Here De Fox Darren Weir 3rdHonest effort, needs more fitness, on the improve
Dec 22nd, 2018 Colac French Fizz Darren Weir 2ndGreat run, with the addition of blinkers next start should be winning
Dec 22nd, 2018 Flemington Broadway And First Darren Weir 8th
Dec 22nd, 2018FlemingtonMr Money BagsRobbie Griffiths1stSuper run! Looking at Magic Millions Race day in January
Dec 22nd, 2018FlemingtonRobe De FeteRobbie Griffiths6th
Dec 19th, 2018 Caulfield Whitemore Robbie Griffiths 3rdThree wide the trip, battled on very well
Dec 15th, 2018 Geelong Fashion Stock Archie Alexander 6thSecond-up, travelled well, looking for further.
Dec 15th, 2018 Flemington Social Spin Darren Weir 2ndLooked home, tired slightly to be grabbed late
Dec 14th, 2018 Moe Tulpar Robbie Griffiths 2ndGrabbed late, another good effort
Dec 12th, 2018 Sandown Write Your Name Archie Alexander 2ndCertainty beaten, not luck gaining a run in the home straight
Dec 12th, 2018 Sandown Whitemore Robbie Griffiths 4thWorked hard early, tired late, nice run
Dec 12th, 2018 Terang Mai Shiny Choice Matthew Williams 5thFair first-up run
Dec 12th, 2018 Terang French Fizz Darren Weir 2ndNice effort, no match for the winner
Dec 12th, 2018 Terang Dentara Robbie Griffiths 1stStrong all the way win
Dec 8th, 2018 Pakenham Robe De Fete Robbie Griffiths 8th
Dec 8th, 2018 Pakenham Mr Money Bags Robbie Griffiths 2ndGreat effort to just miss
Dec 7th, 2018 Moonee Valley Angel Lass Robbie Griffiths 6thThree wide the trip, forget the run
Dec 7th, 2018 Moonee Valley Igniter Robbie Griffiths 3rdStuck on very well after working hard early
Dec 6th, 2018 Kyneton Maikenhay David, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig3rd 3rdOkay on debut, should improve off the experience
Dec 5th, 2018 Sandown Carraig Aonair David, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig LastOnly fair, judge after next two runs
Dec 2nd, 2018 Warrnambool Penthouse Playboy Darren Weir 9thDidn't handle the undulating circuit
Dec 1st, 2018 Moonee Valley Sirius Suspect Darren Weir 8thPulled up with a respiratory problem
Dec 1st, 2018 Moonee Valley Social Spin Darren Weir 2ndSolid first-up run
Nov 29th, 2018 Pakenham Whitemore Robbie Griffiths 2ndStrong first-up run, in for a good campaign
Nov 29th, 2018 Pakenham Tulpar Robbie Griffiths 2ndMade a long run, only just caught late
Nov 29th, 2018 Kyneton Dentara Robbie Griffiths 2ndFought on well after sitting outside leader
Nov 29th, 2018 Kyneton French Fizz Darren Weir 4thSlightly disappointing off a slow pace
Nov 28th, 2018 Sandown Igniter Robbie Griffiths 2ndLed run down by smart horse, good effort
Nov 27th, 2018 Bendigo Fashion Stock Archie Alexander 6thEncouraging first-up run, worked home strongly late.
Nov 24th, 2018 Ballarat Fact Or Fable Robbie Griffiths 5thRan very well, not all that comfortable on slow ground
Nov 24th, 2018 Ballarat Broadway And First Darren Weir 9thOrdinary after a nice run
Nov 25th, 2018 Kilmore Mr Money Bags Robbie Griffiths 3rdWinner too good, but he worked home okay, looking for 1400m now
Nov 21st, 2018 Sandown Angel Lass Robbie Griffiths 2ndNice return, run down late
Nov 18th, 2018 Donald Mazy Motion Archie Alexander 8thSeen enough considering she is ready for a break
Nov 17th, 2018 Sandown Igniter Robbie Griffiths 9thWell back, but had excuses
Nov 17th, 2018 Sandown Yogi Darren Weir 1stGreat Sandown Cup victory, now for a well earned spell
Nov 16th,
Moonee Valley Penthouse Playboy Darren Weir 2ndBattled on well into second placing
Nov 15th, 2018 Pakenham Tulpar Robbie Griffiths 2ndSlowly away, ran on strongly, good effort
Nov 14th, 2018 Bendigo Think Babe Darren Weir 3rdOnly fair to the post after good run
Nov 14th, 2018 Bendigo Write Your Name Archie Alexander 1stStrong win after sitting outside the leader
Nov 14th, 2018 Bendigo French Fizz Darren Weir 4thTried hard, but just grabbed late
Nov 10th, 2018 Flemington Sirius Suspect Darren Weir 2ndSolid on speed effort, finished strongly to just miss.
Nov 10th, 2018 Flemington Mr Money Bags Robbie Griffiths 4thClosed strongly for a great first-up 4th
Nov 10th, 2018 Flemington Igniter Robbie Griffiths 8thGreat run, only beaten 2.8 len, looking for 1600m
Nov 10th, 2018 Geelong Dentara Robbie Griffiths 2ndGood effort to fail narrowly
Nov 9th, 2018 Cranbourne Penthouse Playboy Darren Weir 2ndBetter effort to just miss
Nov 7th, 2018 Flemington Collectable Robbie Griffiths 10thNo luck from the moment she was slow from barriers
Nov 6th, 2018 Kyneton Broadway And First Darren Weir 6thRan home hard, now ready for 1400m
Nov 6th, 2018 Flemington Nakeeta Iain Jardine 12thRan super, under a good ride. $150k for 12th
Nov 4th, 2018 Mornington Think Babe Darren Weir 3rdSolid effort, ready to win
Nov 4th, 2018 Mornington Periscope Darren Weir 5thBeaten half length in a blanket finish
Nov 3rd, 2018 Flemington Yogi Darren Weir 7thSlowly run race didn't suit, but was still strong late.
Nov 1st, 2018 Munich Tiberian Alain Couetil 6thDidnt handle the wet track
Oct 29th, 2018 Benalla French Fizz Darren Weir 2ndVery pleasing debut, matched her trial form.
Oct 28th, 2018  Sale Sirius Suspect Darren Weir 1stSolid win from off the pace
Oct 27th, 2018 Moonee Valley Nakeeta Iain Jardine 12thDidn't handle the track at all
Oct 26th, 2018 Echuca Write Your Name Archie Alexander 2ndUnlucky, held-up, should have won
Oct 26th, 2018 Echuca Oceanity Robbie Griffiths 5thSpell, very coltish
Oct 25th, 2018 Ballarat Tulpar Robbie Griffiths 5thGood debut, working home well
Oct 25th, 2018 Ballarat Dentara Robbie Griffiths 3rdNice first-up effort, hitting the line strongly
Oct 24th, 2018 Geelong Broadway And First Darren Weir 8thRan on strongly, looking for 1400m now
Oct 24th, 2018 Geelong Yogi Darren Weir 11thNot suited by on-speed bias of track
Oct 22nd, 2018 Stawell Igniter Robbie Griffiths 1stNot a big margin, but won
Oct 21st, 2018 Horsham Penthouse Playboy Darren Weir 5thJust an even effort at best, spell possibly
Oct 20th, 2018 Caulfield Collectable Robbie Griffiths 4thSuper effort to come from last to 4th in a Group 3.
Oct 19th, 2018 Warrnambool Foxlago Darren Weir 10thNot much luck - breeding barn beckons
Oct 19th, 2018 Warrnambool Think Babe Darren Weir 4thHit the front, but tired last 75m
Oct 19th, 2018 Warrnambool Periscope Darren Weir 2ndJust failed, but another good run
Oct 18th, 2018 Moe Peruggia Darren Weir 7thTired late
Oct 14th, 2018 Cranbourne Broadway And First Darren Weir 5thRan off his feet, but worked home okay
Oct 13th, 2018 Morphettville Sirius Suspect Darren Weir 5thSolid effort only beaten 1.5 lengths
Oct 12th, 2018 Cranbourne Periscope Darren Weir 3rdStrong finish from last for 3rd
Oct 12th, 2018 Ballarat Write Your Name Archie Alexander 1stSuper first-up run, very strong late
Oct 10th, 2018 Bendigo Robe De Fete Robbie Griffiths 4th
Oct 7th, 2018 Longchamp Tiberian Alain Couetil 12thDespite finishing position ran a great race when looming large at the 300m.
Oct 7th, 2018 Bairnsdale Igniter Robbie Griffiths 8thKnocked out of the race at a crucial stage, should have nearly win
Oct 7th, 2018 Bairnsdale Oceanity Robbie Griffiths 3rdGreat first-up run after working hard from wide draw
Oct 6th, 2018 Gold Coast She Goes Boom Tony Gollan 9thDisapppointing
Oct 6th, 2018 Flemington Yogi Darren Weir 3rdAnother super run, fastest last 200m.
Oct 3rd, 2018 Ballarat Penthouse Playboy Darren Weir 4thCrowded up on the turn, but finished strongly
Oct 2nd, 2018 Swan Hill Persicope Darren Weir 4thRan on strongly late
Oct 1st, 2018 Geelong Ca Plane Darren Weir 3rdHonest again without winning.
Oct 1st, 2018 Geelong Collectable Robbie Griffiths 2ndAnother solid effort, just failing
Sep 29th, 2018 Morphettville Peruggia Darren Weir 8thRidden too aggressively early
Sep 29th, 2018 Mornington Astrological Darren Weir 5thRan on well from back in the field
Sep 29th, 2018 Mornington Sirius Suspect Darren Weir 1stGreat all the way win and ride
Sep 27th, 2018 Bendigo Lady Makfi Darren Weir 5thDidn't finish her race off, spell
Sep 23rd, 2018 Coleraine Foxlago Darren Weir 11thPoor run
Sep 22nd, 2018 Caulfield Robe De Fete Robbie Griffiths 7th
Sep 22nd, 2018 Morphettville Broadway And First Darren Weir 14thHeld-up late, but only beaten 3.5 lens
Sep 22nd, 2018 Morphettville Yogi Darren Weir 6thRan home well from long way back - on track
Sep 16th, 2018 Geelong Lady Makfi Darren Weir 3rdGood effort first go out of Maiden grade
Sep 16th, 2018 Geelong Sirius Suspect Darren Weir 2ndGood return to form, run down late
Sep 16th, 2018 Geelong Penthouse Playboy Darren Weir 2ndFailed narrowly, racing extra well
Sep 16th, 2018 Geelong Peruggia Darren Weir 7thWorked home nicely first-up beaten 3 lengths
Sep 16th, 2018 Geelong Collectable Robbie Griffiths 2ndAnother good run, looking for 1600m now
Sep 15th, 2018 Gatton She Goes Boom Tony Gollan 2ndBetter effort
Sep 15th, 2018 Echuca Ca Plane Darren Weir 2ndPlugged on okay over the 2800m
Sep 15th, 2018 Morphettville Astrological Darren Weir 8thFlat run, may have had enough this prep
Sep 14th, 2018 Doncaster Nakeeta Iain Jardine 6thWeight got him late
Sep 14th, 2018 Swan Hill Foxlago Darren Weir 9thOnly fair to the line, needs further & maybe blinkers
Sep 14th, 2018 Swan Hill Periscope Darren Weir 7thokay first-up, ran on from well back
Sep 12th, 2018 Bendigo Broadway And First Darren Weir 4thSuper return, unlucky not to finish closer.
Sep 9th, 2018 Casterton Pique Darren Weir LastMissed the start by 20 lengths
Sep 8th, 2018 Kilmore Condover Hall Darren Weir 8th Just battled
Sep 8th, 2018 Moonee Valley Yogi Darren Weir 2nd Charged home from last, flying
Sep 5th, 2018 Ballarat Astrological Darren Weir 2nd Ran on well from last. Racing extra well
Sep 3rd, 2018 Wangaratta Artesano Darren Weir 3rd Battled on okay again without winning
Sep 2nd, 2018 Geelong Sirius Suspect Darren Weir 13thNo luck from wide gate
Sep 2nd, 2018 Geelong Collectable Robbie Griffiths 2ndGreat debut
Aug 31st, 2018 Mildura Ca Plane Darren Weir 2nd Ran on okay late
Aug 29th, 2019 Sandown Robe De Fete Robbie Griffiths 1st Great win, defeating smart horse
Aug 29th, 2018 Ipswich She Goes Boom Tony Gollan 10th Tired after racing wide
Aug 28th, 2018 Pakenham Artesano Darren Weir 2nd Strong late, better effort in weak race
Aug 27th, 2018 Echuca Foxlago Darren Weir 11th Average effort
Aug 27th, 2018 Echuca Pique Darren Weir 3rd Firm track against, but ran well despite check
Aug 26th, 2018 Deauville Tiberian Alain Couetil 6th Disappointing result
Aug 26th, 2018 Cranbourne Astrological Darren Weir 1st Just keeps winning
Aug 26th, 2018 Cranbourne Lady Makfi Darren Weir 1st Great ride, strong finish, deserved win
Aug 25th, 2018 York Nakeeta Iain Jardine 7th Even effort from a long way back in field
Aug 24, 2018 Bendigo Penthouse Playboy Darren Weir 1st Narrow, but strong win
Aug 23, 2018 Warrnambool Misty Sea Darren Weir 3rd Ran home well for strong narrow 3rd
Aug 22, 2018 Sandown Captain Harry Darren Weir 12th Flat run, spell
Aug 22, 2018 Sandown Condover Hall Darren Weir 1st Positive ride, strong win, great result for the WR team
Aug 18th, 2018 Caulfield Yogi Darren Weir 2nd Stormed home from last
Aug 16th, 2018 Sale Pique Darren Weir 5th Much better run
Aug 14th, 2018 Warracknabeal Astrological Darren Weir 1st Well ridden, finished strongly to make it back to back wins.
Aug 14th, 2018 Geelong Foxlago Darren Weir 7th Tired late, better for the run
Aug 13th, 2018 Pakenham Robe De Fete Robbie Griffiths 5th
Aug 13th, 2018 Pakenham Safety Dance David, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig 8th Off for a spell, raced like a tired horse
Aug 11th, 2018 Moe Artesano Darren Weir 7th Disappointing, pulled up quickly
Aug 11th, 2018 Moe Penthouse Playboy Darren Weir 1st Too good for that field
Aug 10th, 2018 Geelong Lady Makfi Darren Weir 4th Over-raced, then no luck getting a run before finishing well
Aug 9th, 2018 Warrnambool Silver Stratum Darren Weir 11thChecked vital stage, needs further
Aug 8th, 2018 Warrnambool Revolutionary Saab Hasan 7th Retired
Aug 7th, 2018 Warracknabeal Millinery Daniel Bowman 6th Disappointing again
Aug 6th, 2018 Geelong Ca Plane Darren Weir  11th Long way back and never featured
Aug 5th, 2018 Deauville Tiberian Alain Couetil 2nd Good return to form
Aug 2nd, 2018 Pakenham S Robe De Fete Robbie Griffiths 1st Strong maiden win