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Runners & Results 2017-18


Runners Winners Placings Wins to Runners % Top 3 Finish %
371 4483 11.9% 34.2%
Date Venue Horse Trainer Placing Comments
July 30th, 2018DonaldCondover HallDarren Weir2ndGreat first-up run for Weir
July 29th, 2018PakenhamSafety DanceDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig3rdAnother strong run
July 28th, 2018MilduraAstrologicalDarren Weir1stFinally broke her Maiden
July 28th, 2018CaulfieldCaptain HarryDarren Weir4thRan home very well
July 28th, 2018CaulfieldSocial SpinDarren WeirLastDisappointing, spell, may have got his tongue back
July 28th, 2018MorphettvilleClairvauxWill ClarkenLastHoping for a better effort
July 27th, 2018MilduraArtesanoDarren Weir2ndBattled on well, ready to win
July 27th, 2018MilduraPenthouse PlayboyDarren Weir2ndJust tired late for narrow loss again
July 26th, 2018CranbournePiqueDarren Weir9thDisappointing run
July 26th, 2018CranbourneSilver StratumDarren Weir4thSolid effort in good race
July 23rd, 2018GeelongCa PlaneDarren Weir2ndRan on strongly to just miss
July 22nd, 2018BendigoRevolutionarySaab Hasan5thLed and battled on well at hurdle debut
July 21st, 2018NewburyNakeetaIain Jardine5thExcellent lead up run for the Ebor
July 21st, 2018MorphettvilleCaptain HarryDarren Weir2ndLooked the winner, but run down late
July 21st, 2018FlemingtonMr Money BagsRobbie Griffiths4thTried hard in fast run race with big weight
July 21st, 2018FlemingtonFalagoDarren Weir7thStruggled to run on from well back
July 19th, 2018EchucaRansom MoneyDarren Weir7thBetter run, only beaten 2.75 len
July 18th, 2018SandownMisty SeaDarren Weir6thRan home well
July 17th, 2018PakenhamSafety DanceDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig1stNice ride and solid win
July 15th, 2018GeelongRevolutionarySaab Hasan9thRacing poorly on the flat
July 15th, 2018GeelongMillineryDaniel Bowman7thOnly fair late
July 14th, 2018Sunshine CoastSkulduggeryDamian Batters5thOkay again
July 14th, 2018WodongaAstrologicalDarren Weir2ndJust missed
July 11th, 2018SandownSilver StratumDarren Weir11thTrack conditions against, but gets experience at 2100.
July 11th, 2018SandownIgniterRobbie Griffiths10thKnuckled at start, and race was over
July 11th, 2018SandownSocial SpinDarren Weir1stBold front-running win. Top ride
July 9th, 2018MilduraMistic ManDarren Weir7thPulled up sore after interference mid-race
July 8th, 2018PakenhamSafety DanceDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig6thNo luck when needed in home straight
July 8th, 2018WarrnamboolCa PlaneDarren Weir4thWeighed down by weight on a bog track
July 7th, 2018EchucaPenthouse PlayboyDarren Weir2ndFinished strongly to just miss again
July 7th, 2018FlemingtonFalagoDarren Weir1stSuited by good speed, strong finish
July 7th, 2018FlemingtonMr Money BagsRobbie Griffiths1stLovely ride, too strong
July 7th, 2018FlemingtonWhitemoreRobbie Griffiths10thWorked too hard from wide barrier
July 6th, 2018BendigoRansom MoneyDarren Weir8thWorked home evenly
July 6th, 2018BendigoMisty SeaDarren Weir1stGreat ride, strong finish, good win
July 4th, 2018SandownOceanityRobbie Griffiths2ndExcellent debut, narrowly beaten
July 1st, 2018SaleIgniterRobbie Griffiths4thExcellent debut, only beaten 1/2 length
June 30th, 2018Newcastle (UK)NakeetaIain Jardine14thLong way back, but getting fitter
June 30th, 2018Sunshine CoastSkulduggeryDamian Batters5thAnother solid run, finished well
June 30th, 2018CaulfieldCaptain HarryDarren Weir10thOnly battled, may need it softer
June 29th, 2018GeelongRevolutionarySaab Hasan8thTired late after over racing on speed
June 29th, 2018GeelongSirius DealMatt Cumani7thRan home well from well back
June 26th, 2018GeelongArtesanoDarren Weir5thStrong late, only beaten half length
June 25th, 2018MilduraPenthouse PlayboyDarren Weir2ndFirst-up, just missed, great run
June 25th, 2018MilduraMistic ManDarren Weir6thEncouraging first-up after injury
June 24th, 2018BallaratWhitemoreRobbie Griffiths5thGot too far back and didn't handle heavy
June 24th, 2018BallaratPiqueDarren Weir5thForgive run, missed the start
June 23rd, 2018DonaldMisty SeaDarren Weir3rdRan home hard from well back
June 23rd, 2018FlemingtonCarraig AonairDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom DabernigLastRacing poorly
June 23rd, 2018FlemingtonMr Money BagsRobbie Griffiths5thTough effort, wide but kept coming
June 23rd, 2018FlemingtonFalagoDarren Weir5thHonest effort again
June 23rd, 2018MorphettvilleSocial SpinDarren Weir2ndRan home strongly
June 22nd, 2018GeelongCa PlaneDarren Weir3rdEven effort again
June 22nd, 2018GeelongSafety DanceDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig8thA bit disappointing, although did get caught on wrong part of track
June 21st, 2018WarrnamboolSilver StratumDarren Weir1stHe is flying. Three in a row!
June 18th, 2018EchucaCaptain HarryDarren Weir2ndRan home very strongly, looking for 1600
June 17th, 2018BendigoRansom MoneyDarren Weir5thOk, condition gave out late on the heavy first-up
June 16th, 2018WodongaAstrologicalDarren Weir2ndLooked the winner, but just missed
June 14th, 2018SaleTennessee GoldShawn Mathrick9thHad a nice run, but didn't finish off. Retired.
June 12th, 2018PakenhamCondover HallMichelle Payne9thFirst-up, tired late after leading
June 10th, 2018Swan HillMisty SeaDarren Weir5thRan well, just couldn't get to best part of heavy track
June 10th, 2018Swan HillPiqueDarren Weir3rdFlashed home late in great first-up run.
June 10th, 2018Swan HillMillineryDaniel Bowman4thGood effort in the heavy first-up, will benefit plenty
June 9th, 2018MorphettvilleWanted DivaDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig7thLost interest in racing, retired
June 9th, 2018FlemingtonFalagoDarren Weir3rdRacing well, another honest effort
June 9th, 2018Swan HillArtesanoDarren Weir11thStruggled second-up on a bog track
June 9th, 2018Swan HillLady MakfiMichelle Payne5thGoing for a spell
June 9th, 2018Swan HillSocial SpinDarren Weir1stGreat first-up win on heavy track
June 7th, 2018BallaratRevolutionarySaab Hasan10thDisappointing again, will try over 2000m
June 6th, m018SandownCarraig AonairDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig6thNot finishing off his races, maybe blinkers needed
June 6th, 2018SandownCaptain HarryDarren Weir4thBattled on strongly, good effort
June 6th, 2018SandownMr Money BagsRobbie Griffiths1stThree wide the trip, great win
June 6th, 2018SandownWhitemoreRobbie Griffiths6thSolid effort at city debut, looking for 1600m now
June 4th, 2018BeaudesertAmerican MuscleTony Gollan10thJust a run
June 4th, 2018WangarattaTennessee GoldShawn Mathrick6thHad her chance, but didn't finish off
June 3rd, 2018ChantillyTiberianAlain Couetil7thDisappointing result
June 3rd, 2018BallaratSirius DealMatt Cumani9thRidden too close, pulled up sore
June 2nd, 2018BendigoLady MakfiMichelle Payne2ndStrong finish from back in the field
June 2nd, 2018BendigoAstrologicalDarren Weir4thJust battled late
May 31st, 2018PakenhamSafety DanceDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig5thExtra trip suits, great chance
May 29th, 2018GeelongMai Shiny ChoiceRobbie Griffiths2ndImproved run, ready to win again
May 28th, 2018HamiltonSilver StratumDarren Weir1stAnother big finish for good win
May 28th, 2018HamiltonCa PlaneDarren Weir1stBlinkers and extra trip did the trick
May 28th, 2018HamiltonArtesanoDarren Weir4thGreat first-up run
May 27th, 2018GeelongWhitemoreRobbie Griffiths3rdNo luck, but stuck on well
May 26th, 2018SandownMr Money BagsRobbie Griffiths4thGot a long way back, ran home well
May 26th, 2018SandownFalagoDarren Weir3rdRan well on pace, ready to win
May 25th, 2018CranbourneTennessee GoldShawn Mathrick7thOnly beaten 2.5 len on good race
May 25th, 2018WerribeeRevolutionarySaab Hasan8thBattled again
May 23rd, 2018BallaratCaptain HarryDarren Weir2ndAnother honest effort
May 21st, 2018MilduraMisty SeaDarren Weir1stBlinkers on and won well
May 20th, 2018Sunshine CoastAmerican MuscleTony Gollan7thAverage effort
May 20th, 2018CastertonCa PlaneDarren Weir3rdBetter run, looking for further
May 19th, 2018FlemingtonClairvauxMatthew Williams12thAverage run
May 19th, 2018FlemingtonCarraig AonairDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig13thDisappointing, but stable erred in going to 1800m third-up
May 19th, 2018FlemingtonChateau GriffoRobbie Griffiths8thCopped a few bumps, fair run
May 19th, 2018MorphettvilleCrack The CodeMick Price7thNot much luck, off for a spell
May 19th, 2018MorphettvilleYogiDarren Weir1stJust far too good.
May 18th, 2018CranbourneAstrologicalDarren Weir3rdOkay run
May 17th, 2018PakenhamWanted DivaDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig7thWell ridden, didn't finish as expected
May 17th, 2018PakenhamSafety DanceDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig3rdStuck to his guns well, looking for further
May 17th, 2018KilmoreTennessee GoldShawn Mathrick5thBetter run
May 16th, 2018SandownMr Money BagsRobbie Griffiths3rdTough, honest run again
May 16th, 2018SandownThink BabeDarren Weir5thDisappointing
May 15th, 2018SaleWhitemoreRobbie Griffiths3rdGood effort after covering ground
May 14th, 2018HamiltonSilver StratumDarren Weir1stGood strong win with the big weight
May 13th, 2018BallaratCaptain HarryDarren Weir1stFought hard for a solid win
May 12th, 2018DonaldCa PlaneDarren Weir9thAverage effort, disappointing
May 12th, 2018DonaldMisty SeaDarren Weir5thEven run
May 11th, 2018ChesterNakeetaIain Jardine10thRan on late from well back
May 11th, 2018GeelongRevolutionarySaab Hasan7thJust battled over the shorter trip
May 10th, 2018PakenhamMai Shiny ChoiceRobbie Griffiths8thSeemingly disappointing
May 9th, 2018SandownLady MakfiMichelle Payne9thGot long way back and felt track
May 9th, 2018SandownChateau GriffoRobbie Griffiths6thDidn't let down on hard track
May 6th, 2018LongchampTiberianAlain Couetil4thSolid first-up run just missing a place, less than 2 lengths from winner
May 6th, 2018PakenhamWhitemoreRobbie Griffiths5thNot a lot of luck on debut
May 5th, 2018FlemingtonMr Money BagsRobbie Griffiths4thRan home nicely, ready to win
May 5th, 2018FlemingtonConneryArchie Alexander4thGot back, ran on well, looking for 2000
May 5th, 2018FlemingtonCrack The CodeMick Price1stExcellent win on debut, found the post hard.
May 3rd, 2018WarrnamboolYogiDarren Weir2ndHuge run, flew home to just miss
May 3rd, 2018WarrnamboolClairvauxMatthew Williams6thRan home late
May 2nd, 2018WarrnamboolThink BabeDarren Weir3rdLeft in front too early, ran super
April 30th, 2018GraftonAmerican MuscleTony Gollan1stSolid win, pleasing result.
April 29th, 2018Swan HillStringer BellDarren Weir8thA little wide early, but still disappointing
April 29th, 2018Swan HillCaptain HarryDarren Weir1stGiven run of the race and proved too strong first-up
April 29th, 2018GeelongMai Shiny ChoiceRobbie Griffiths4thRan home nicely
April 29th, 2018GeelongSafety DanceDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig6thVery unlucky, blocked for a run at a vital stage.
April 29th, 2018GeelongAstrologicalDarren Weir4thRan on late, might be looking for 1400.
April 28th, 2018KynetonTennessee GoldShawn Mathrick7thOne more chance
April 28th, 2018KynetonMisty SeaDarren Weir6thLacked zip, although only beaten 2.8 len
April 28th, 2018CaulfieldCarraig AonairDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig5thGreat run, condition only gave out late
April 28th, 2018CaulfieldChateau GriffoRobbie Griffiths5thExcellent effort after having to navigate wide draw
April 27th, 2018CranbourneWanted DivaDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig6thSlightly disppointing after soft run
April 27th, 2018CranbourneLady MakfiMichelle Payne4thGood thing beaten when blocked for a run
April 27th, 2018BenallaSilver StratumDarren Weir4thRan home strongly
April 26th, 2018PakenhamRocketcodJosh Julius5thDisappointing
April 25th, 2018MoeAngel LassRobbie Griffiths3rdRan home powerfully on debut
April 20th, 2018HamiltonCa PlaneDarren Weir7thRan home well last 300m, looking for 1800/2000m.
April 19th, 2018WerribeeTennessee GoldShawn Mathrick9thLooking for further now
April 18th, 2018SandownConneryArchie Alexander1stNarrow but tough win, making it back to back
April 17thGeelong Stringer BellDarren Weir5thBetter effort, ran on well with blinkers off
April 17th, 2018Geelong AstrologicalDarren Weir5thNice run, ready to win
April 15th, 2018Terang FalagoDarren Weir10thFound wanting late on the heavy track
April 15thTerang YogiDarren Weir4thHeavy track against second-up, but ran well
April 14th, 2018Ararat Misty SeaDarren Weir3rdHeavy ground found him out second-up, but still ran well.
April 14thCaulfield Carraig AonairDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig10thFirst-up, needed the run
April 14thCaulfield Mr Money BagsRobbie Griffiths9thRan well, fitter for that run
April 13thBeaudesert American MuscleTony Gollan5thSprung a shoe, even effort
April 11th, 2018Pakenham Silver StratumDarren Weir9thTired after being set alight at the 600.
April 10th, 2018Sandown Think BabeDarren Weir2ndTerrific first-up run
April 10th, 2018Sandown PeruggiaDarren Weir4thHonest again
April 10th, 2018Sandown Chateau GriffoRobbie Griffiths8thGot too far back, ran home ok
April 8th, 2018Ballarat ClairvauxMatthew Williams5thMuch better run
April 8th, 2018Echuca RevolutionaryDarren Weir8thDisappointing again
April 8th, 2018Echuca Ca PlaneDarren Weir6thGood effort first-up
April 7th, 2018Werribee Fashion StockArchie Alexander7thRan home nicely on debut
April 3rd, 2018Ballarat AstrologicalDarren Weir5thRan well, but condition gave out late
April 2nd, 2018Sandown Stringer BellDarren Weir13thWent to hard in front and weakened
April 1st, 2018Mornington Tennessee GoldShawn Mathrick5thAnother nice run, step out further in trip next start again
April 1stStawell ConneryArchie Alexander1stBreaks his Maiden in fine style
March 31st, 2018Warracknabeal FalagoDarren Weir7thNice run, getting fitter, just need some rain
March 31st,2018Caulfield YogiDarren Weir4thGreat first-up effort.
March 29th, 2018Warrnambool Misty SeaDarren Weir6thEven run only beaten 2.5 lengths first up
March 28th, 2018Sandown DentaraRobbie Griffiths7thGreen & over-raced, even effort
March 24th, 2018Mornington PeruggiaDarren Weir9thShuffled back and never got into race.
March 23rd, 2018Moonee Valley Sirius SuspectDarren Weir3rdGreat run after slowly away. Earned a spell. Promising.
March 23rd, 2018Terang PeriscopeDarren Weir5thExcellent debut
March 21st, 2018Kyneton RevolutionaryDarren Weir8thEven effort, looking for softer tracks
March 17th, 2018Geelong ClairvauxMatthew Williams8thOnly even effort first-up
March 13th, 2018Bendigo Stringer BellDarren Weir4thEven run, winner too good, just pipped for 2nd.
March 11th, 2018Echuca BloodletteDarren Weir5thDisappointing - retired
March 11th, 2018Echuca FalagoDarren Weir9thAll we could expect over that trip
March 10th, 2018Towong Tennessee GoldShawn Mathrick3rdBetter effort
March 7th, 2018Ballarat ConneryArchie Alexander2ndNarrowly beaten again
March 7thBallarat RocketcodJosh Julius7thSettled too far back on leaders track
March 3rd, 2018Doomben She's Our StarTony Gollan9thPoor effort
March 2nd, 2018Moonee Valley PeruggiaDarren Weir1stAnother gutsy win
March 2nd, 2018Swan Hill RevolutionaryDarren WeirLastKnocked out of the race early
March 2nd, 2018Swan Hill BloodletteDarren Weir3rdRan well to just miss
March 1st, 2018Terang FoxlagoDarren Weir5thRaced flat, spell
February 28th, 2018Bendigo Stringer BellDarren Weir2ndMuch improved effort
February 28th, 2018Bendigo Chateau GriffoRobbie Griffiths1stStrong win, too good for that field
February 28th, 2018Stawell AstrologicalDarren Weir2ndBeaten by barrier in solid effort
February 21st, 2018Caulfield Sirius SuspectDarren Weir1stStrong on pace win
February 18th, 2018Ballarat Mai Shiny ChoiceRobbie GriffithsLastPoor effort may be because he was hit in the eye by a horse shoe.
February 18th, 2018Ballarat ConneryArchie Alexander4thGot back, but finished well
February 17th, 2018Doomben She's Our StarTony Gollan5thWorked early, tired late
February 11th, 2018Colac Stringer BellDarren Weir7thGetting fitter, not beaten far
February 10th, 2018Yarra Valley BloodletteDarren Weir5thUnlucky, held up at crucial stage around 400/500m mark
February 9th, 2018Moonee Valley PeruggiaDarren Weir1stBarrier used perfectly by Brad for a solid win
February 9th, 2018Bendigo AstrologicalDarren Weir2ndGreat first-up effort
February 8th, 2018Ararat EquiettoPaul Preusker8thRetired
February 7th, 2018Sandown FoxlagoDarren Weir7thOnly an even run, but was a muddling race.
February 3rd, 2018Kyneton Sirius SuspectDarren Weir1stStrong all the way win. Promising gelding
February 1st, 2018Pakenham Stringer BellDarren Weir10thWill benefit from the run, ran out of fitness late
January 31st, 2018Terang EquiettoPaul Preusker6thEven effort, going to try him over further next two starts.
January 30th, 2018Ballarat PeruggiaDarren Weir2ndStrong effort racing outside the leader
January 28th, 2018 Geelong FoxlagoDarren Weir3rdWorked home well late
January 26th, 2018Doomben Red HandleTony Gollan6thPlain after having a nice run
January 27th, 2018Caulfield Mai Shiny ChoiceRobbie Griffiths7thWide earlier, pushed forward, tired late
January 21st, 2018Ararat EquiettoPaul Preusker11thTrapped wide from the barrier
January 19th, 2018Cranbourne PeruggiaDarren Weir4thOnly an even run
January 17th, 2018Caulfield Ransom MoneyDarren WeirLastOff to the paddock
January 16th, 2018Ballarat Sirius SuspectDarren Weir3rdSolid debut after leading
January 13th, 2018Werribee Condover HallMichelle Payne9thOff for a spell
January 13th, 2018Flemington Mr Money BagsRobbie Griffiths1stBounced back with a solid win. Very promising
January 12th, 2018Hamilton BloodletteDarren Weir9thDisappointing result
January 12th, 2018Hamilton FoxlagoDarren Weir1stFirst starter, looking for her to run on strongly
January 11th, 2018Geelong Mai Shiny ChoiceRobbie Griffiths3rdSolid second-up run
January 10th, 2018Sandown Ransom MoneyDarren Weir6thBit disappointing, but may have felt track
January 7th, 2018Warrnambool Condover HallMichelle PayneLastMissed start, caught wide, beaten early
January 7th, 2018Warrnambool PeruggiaDarren Weir2ndNice effort behind a smart horse
January 3rd, 2018Sandown BloodletteDarren Weir6thEven run only beaten 3.2 len
January 1st, 2018Flemington Mr Money BagsRobbie Griffiths8thRaced on pace, went too hard & weakened
December 31st, 2017Echuca EquiettoPaul Preusker3rdRan well, just peaked late
December 31st, 2017Warrnambool Condover HallMichelle Payne2ndAnother good run, ready to win
December 29th, 2017Cranbourne Galileo's PearlMick Kent4thEven run, beaten a long way
December 27th, 2017Mornington Mai Shiny ChoiceRobbie Griffiths11thAlways well back, fitter now
December 26th, 2017Caulfield PeruggiaDarren Weir9thEven run first-up
December 23rd, 2017Moonee Valley Ransom MoneyDarren Weir1stPerfect ride, tough effort to just hold on
December 23rd, 2017Kyneton BloodletteDarren Weir5thImproved effort, looking for further.
December 20th, 2017Doomben Red HandleTony Gollan5thFair effort only
December 20th, 2017Sandown Mr Money BagsRobbie Griffiths1stStrong win sitting outside leader.
December 15th, 2017Moonee Valley Galileo's PearlMick Kent10thWide, but only battled
December 13th, 2017Mornington Captain HarryDarren Weir7thDisappointing result, spell.
December 12th, 2017Warrnambool ArtesanoDarren Weir4thRan well again, should have placed.
December 12th, 2017Warrnambool Our ApproachDarren Weir11thPoor again.
December 12th, 2017Warrnambool Tennessee GoldDarren Weir9thLost all zest for racing.
December 12th, 2017Warrnambool PiqueDarren Weir2ndBeaten in a close photo
December 10th, 2017Sha Tin TiberianAlain Couetil11thCame to the end of a long prep.
December 10th, 2017Werribee Ransom MoneyDarren Weir5thUnlucky again
December 10th, 2017Bordertown EquiettoPaul Preusker4thRan well, bit unlucky
December 9th, 2017Pakenham Carraig AonairDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom DabernigLastDropped out badly late in race
December 9th, 2017Stawell BloodletteDarren Weir8thDisappointing
December 9th, 2017Stawell Condover HallMichelle Payne2ndMuch better effort when leading
December 7th, 2017Kyneton Himeji JoDarren  Weir4thRan very well to be beaten narrowly
December 6th, 2017Bendigo Social SpinDarren WeirLastGood experience, now for a spell.
December 5th, 2017Wangaratta Mr Money BagsRobbie Griffiths4thRan home after being wide, nice effort
December 4th, 2017Terang Our ApproachDarren WeirLastOnly an even effort, needs racing
December 2nd, 2017Sandown Wanted DivaDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig5thHeading for a spell.
December 1st, 2017Moonee Valley Galileo's PearlMick Kent7thImproved run, much fitter now
November 29th, 2017Sandown Ransom MoneyDarren Weir4thWorked early, run down late
November 29th, 2017Sandown Penthouse PlayboyDarren Weir5thAnother solid run, looking for further now
November 28th, 2017Ballarat Condover HallMichelle Payne7thSlowly getting fitter
November 28th, 2017Ballarat ArtesanoDarren Weir1stWell deserved win for horse and owners
November 27th, 2017Hamilton Tennessee GoldDarren WeirLastVery disappointing again
November 25th, 2017Ballarat Broadway And FirstDarren Weir8thSeemingly didn't handle the heavy track again
November 25th, 2017Ballarat PiqueDarren Weir4thGot caught on the worst part of the track, but ran well
November 25th, 2017Ballarat Captain HarryDarren Weir3rdRan home well again
November 24th, 2017Wodonga MillineryDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig4thLooked the winner, but weakened badly
November 24th, 2017Sunshine Coast Red HandleTony Gollan3rdRan home well
November 22nd, 2017Sandown Galileo's PearlMick KentLastNormal first-up effort, will strip fitter
November 21st, 2017Moe Mr Money BagsRobbie Griffiths2ndFantastic run on debut
November 20th, 2017Echuca Our ApproachDarren Weir9thNeeded the run
November 20th, 2017Echuca Condover HallMichelle Payne7thLooking to get out in trip now
November 19th, 2017Donald Ransom MoneyDarren Weir3rdBetter effort, although did have every chance
November 19th, 2017Donald Penthouse PlayboyDarren Weir3rdSolid first-up run, ran home strongly
November 14th, 2017Bendigo ConneryArchie Alexander3rdNo luck in the home straight, bursting to win
November 14th, 2017Bendigo ArtesanoDarren Weir2ndSolid effort, so close to a win
November 12th, 2017Benalla Tennessee GoldDarren WeirLastDisappointing result
November 12th, 2017Ararat BloodletteDarren Weir6thRan on from well back, getting fitter
November 12th, 2017Ararat Broadway And FirstDarren Weir3rdBeaten by the barrier, solid effort again
November 9th, 2017Hawkesbury Reigning MeteorMatthew Smith3rdEven run for a placing.
November 9th, 2017Flemington Carraig AonairDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig2ndAnother gutsy run - great ride to be just nabbed.
November 7th, 2017Flemington TiberianAlain Couetil7thExceptional run despite wide run
November 7th, 2017Flemington Wanted DivaDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom DabernigLastPoor run
November 6th, 2017Ballarat Captain HarryDarren Weir2ndBlinkers on & out to 1400m -  ran on to just miss.
November 5th, 2017Kilmore MillineryDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig2ndLed & just caught
November 5th, 2017Kilmore Himeji JoDarren Weir5thRan on fairly
November 5th, 2017Kilmore Misty SeaDarren Weir7thDisappointed, to be gelded
November 3rd, 2017Moonee Valley PiqueDarren Weir3rdGreat run coming from well back
November 3rd, 2017Horsham Ransom MoneyDarren Weir3rdJust racing fairly
November 1st, 2017Bendigo Condover HallMichelle Payne9thThings didn't go as expected, but better for experience
November 1st, 2017Bendigo Lady MakfiMichelle Payne4thExcellent debut, ran on very strongly
October 31st, 2017Benalla ArtesanoDarren Weir3rdAnother honest run, clear room, runs second
October 30th, 2017Swan Hill Mistic ManDarren Weir6thVery green, but pass mark effort
October 28th, 2017Doomben Red HandleTony GollanLastVery disappointing
October 27th, 2017Moonee Valley Carraig AonairDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig1stGreat ride, tough win
October 26th, 2017Ballarat BloodletteDarren Weir5thNice first-up effort, only beaten 1.75 len
October 25th, 2017Geelong Broadway And FirstDarren Weir4thExcellent first-up run
October 25th, 2017Geelong Ransom MoneyDarren Weir7thSlightly disappointing
October 22nd, 2017Seymour ConneryArchie Alexander2ndBeaten by a very smart horse
October 22nd, 2017Mornington ArtesanoDarren Weir4thFinished off the race strongly
October 20th, 2017Pakenham Misty SeaDarren Weir3rdFollowed up good win, with another solid run
October 20th, 2017Warrnambool Himeji JoDarren Weir2ndNice run again, ready to win
October 20th, 2017Warrnambool Captain HarryDarren Weir9thDisappointing
October 17th, 2017Kyneton MillineryDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig5thGiven no chance by rider after being slow away, raced wide on speed, did well to run 5th
October 15th, 2017Cranbourne Think BabeDarren Weir7thSpell and gelded
October 15th, 2017Cranbourne PiqueDarren Weir7thVery unlucky, when had little galloping room late
October 14th, 2017Caulfield Wanted DivaDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig8thLooking for 1400m
October 13th, 2017Donald Ca PlaneDarren Weir10thDisappointing, spell time
October 12th, 2017Ballarat ClairvauxMatthew Williams7thStruggled to make ground, spell
October 7th, 2017Murtoa Himeji JoDarren Weir2ndExcellent first-up run again
October 7th, 2017Murtoa Captain HarryDarren Weir5thRan on well, no luck when needed
October 7th, 2017Gold Coast Red HandleTony Gollan7thDisappointing at this track again
October 7th, 2017Flemington YogiDarren Weir6thRan race in patches, but okay
October 6th, 2017Moonee Valley ConneryArchie Alexander4thHonest run, may be looking for further
October 6th, 2017Hamilton ArtesanoDarren Weir3rdMuch better effort to be beaten 1/2 len
October 5th, 2017Gosford Reigning MeteorMatthew Smith5thNice effort again, ready now
October 5th, 2017Ballarat Ransom MoneyDarren Weir2ndSolid second-up run
October 4th, 2017Geelong RevolutionaryDarren WeirLastDisappointing, might be the end for him.
October 3rd, 2017Mildura Misty SeaDarren Weir1stGreat first-up win, promising
October 3rd, 2017Mildura Ca PlaneDarren Weir1stBeautiful ride, great win
October 3rd, 2017Mildura PiqueDarren Weir1stLovely ride, just held on, good payday SV
September 29th, 2017Moonee Valley Wanted DivaDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig6thRan on well from back in the field
September 29th, 2017Benalla Think BabeDarren Weir7thRan well, with little luck at a crucial stage
September 27th, 2017Flemington Carraig AonairDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig2ndAnother great run
September 26th, 2017Ararat Streets Of DubaiArchie Alexander8thNot letting down, time to move on
September 26th, 2017Ararat Ca PlaneDarren Weir9thDisappointing, time for blinkers
September 24th, 2017Ballarat Ransom MoneyDarren Weir6thEven run first up
September 24th, 2017Ballarat Captain HarryDarren Weir3rdSolid again, ready to win.
September 23rd, 2017Doomben Red HandleTony Gollan4thFinished hard late
September 23rd, 2017Caulfield ClairvauxMatthew Williams8thEven run on firm track
September 22nd, 2017Geelong AstrologicalDarren Weir9thDisappointing result
September 20th, 2017Naracoorte Dash Of MaplePaul Preusker5thPlain effort
September 20th, 2017Cranbourne ConneryArchie Alexander2ndGreat debut, wins in another stride
September 18th, 2017Hamilton PiqueDarren Weir2ndSolid run, looking for 1200/1300m now
September 17th, 2017Geelong Pressing MattersDarren Weir1stTough effort and just got the bob in
September 17th, 2017Newcastle Reigning MeteorMatthew Smith3rdPleasing first-up run
September 16th, 2017Flemington YogiDarren Weir4thExcellent run at that level.
September 15th, 2017Swan Hill RevolutionaryDarren WeirLastPulled up sore
September 15th, 2017Swan Hill ArtesanoDarren Weir8thDisappointing, but may have felt firm track
September 13th, 2017Mornington Think BabeDarren Weir6thNice first up effort
September 11th, 2017Wodonga Captain HarryDarren Weir3rdRan on well, after a tardy start
September 11th, 2017Wodonga Ca PlaneDarren Weir3rdHonest again without winning
September 10th, 2017Casterton Dash Of MaplePaul Preusker5thBetter effort, looking to get out in trip now
September 10th, 2017Sale Chateau GriffoRobbie Griffiths7thDisappointing result
September 9th, 2017Kilmore Streets Of DubaiArchie Alexander6thFair run only
September 6th, 2017Sandown Mai Shiny ChoiceRobbie Griffiths6thCaught wide the trip, battled on okay
September 6th, 2017Sandown ClairvauxMatthew Williams8thTempo slow, ran on okay
September 6th, 2017Sandown Carraig AonairDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig2ndHonest effort again
September 4th, 2017Benalla AstrologicalDarren Weir5thMuch better perfromance.
September 3rd, 2017Geelong RevolutionaryDarren WeirLastTo be vetted
September 2nd, 2017Doomben Red HandleTony Gollan2ndGreat run, motored home late
September 2nd, 2017Warracknabeal Ca PlaneDarren Weir3rdHonest, looking for further on bigger track
September 2nd, 2017Warracknabeal PiqueDarren Weir3rdRan home nicely
September 1st, 2017Bendigo ArtesanoDarren Weir4thMuch better effort beaten half length
August 30th, 2017Sandown Mai Shiny ChoiceRobbie Griffiths5thRan well on inferior ground
August 28th, 2017Deauville TiberianAlain Couetil1stKeeps winning, tough effort again, next run Melbourne Cup
August 27th, 2017Cranbourne Galileo's PearlMick Kent9thMight be looking for a break
August 24th, 2017Warrnambool Dash Of MapleDarren Weir11thBeaten a long way.
August 24th, 2017Warrnambool Pressing MattersDarren Weir5thGot too far back on very heavy track
August 24th, 2017Warrnambool Captain HarryDarren Weir4thGood first-up effort, ran on well
August 23rd, 2017Sandown ClairvauxMatthew Williams3rdGreat run and return to form for 3rd
August 23rd, 2017Sandown Carraig AonairDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig1stSuper ride, strong win
August 22nd, 2017Pakenham Galileo's PearlMick Kent7thHad to work too hard from the gate.
August 22nd, 2017Pakenham Chateau GriffoRobbie Griffiths2ndAnother good run
August 21stEchuca AstrologicalDarren Weir9thWell beaten on slow track
August 20th, 2017Pakenham Mai Shiny ChoiceRobbie Griffiths1stRacing well, another tough win
August 19th, 2017Seymour RocketcodDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig9thOver-raced, disappointing again
August 18th, 2017Mildura EquiettoDarren Weir9thPoor effort, crossroads
August 17th, 2017Sale Silver StratumDarren Weir7thNo luck again, need to get him to 2000m
August 16th, 2017Sandown TintagliaArchie Alexander9thStruggled again
August 16th, 2017Sandown High LagoDarren Weir1stTough well-deserved win. Now heads to stud
August 14th, 2017Wodonga Ca PlaneDarren Weir8thGot held up in traffic, forget the run
August 13th, 2017Bendigo ArtesanoDarren Weir14thSettled back and failed to make ground
August 12th, 2017Coleraine RevolutionaryDarren Weir1stTough grinding win, promising stayer
August 12th, 2017Doomben Red HandleTony Gollan9thNot a lot of luck
August 12th, 2017Flemington Clairvaux,Matthew Williams10thRace tempos not helping his racing style
August 12th, 2017Flemington PeruggiaDarren Weir5thGood on speed effort, spell now
August 11th, 2017Geelong Carraig AonairDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig4thRan on well, looking for further
August 9th, 2017Geelong TintagliaArchie Alexander5thBetter for that run, stuck on well, only beaten 1.2 len
August 9th, 2017Geelong Here De FoxDarren Weir5thRan on nicely on debut, promising
August 8th, 2017Pakenham Sirius WitnessArchie Alexander6thFaded late, off to the paddock
August 6th, 2017Deauville TiberianAlain Couetil1stGood tough all the way G3 victory
August 6th, 2017Sandown Galileo's PearlMick Kent1stAnother tough win to make it a hatrick
August 5th, 2017Moe Pressing MattersDarren Weir3rdHonest effort again
August 5th, 2017Flemington Chateau GriffoRobbie Griffiths3rdExcellent first-up effort down the straight
August 5th, 2017Flemington YogiDarren Weir1stTough come from behind win again
August 4th, 2017Warracknabeal EquiettoDarren Weir4thOnly weakened late after working from wide gate
August 3rd, 2017Pakenham Mai Shiny ChoiceRobbie Griffiths1stWell-deserved win for patient owners.
August 1st, 2017Warrnambool             Dash of Maple                     Darren Weir                7th Disappointing.
August 1st, 2017Warrnambool       Silver Stratum         Darren Weir  4thRun on well from too far back