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Runners & Results 2016-17


RunnersWinnersPlacings Wins to Runners % Top 3 Finish %

July 28th, 2017GeelongGalileo's PearlMick Kent1stRacing in great form, dominant win.
July 28th, 2017GeelongCarraig AonairDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig3rdInside barrier no help, but ran home well
July 26th, 2017SandownPeruggiaDarren Weir1stLooked gone, but rallied strongly to win
July 26th, 2017SandownHigh LagoDarren Weir2ndAnother very honest run
July 24th, 2017Swan HillRevolutionaryDarren Weir5thRan home very well
July 22nd, 2017WodongaReady CashDarren Weir11thPoor run
July 22nd, 2017WodongaCa PlaneDarren Weir2ndGreat first-up run
July 22nd, 2017WodongaPropensityJoshua Julius8thTime to move on
July 22nd, 2017MorphettvilleStringer BellDarren Weir7thHeading for a spell
July 22nd, 2017FlemingtonClairvauxMatthew Williams8thNot suited by slow tempo
July 21st, 2017GeelongMai Shiny ChoiceRobbie Griffiths3rdAnother great run, ready to win
July 20th, 2017VichySeismosHenk Grewe1stFantastic finale for his ATB owners
July 20th, 2017SaleRocketcodDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig6thRan home ok, looking for further
July 16th, 2017GeelongEquiettoDarren Weir4thOver-raced early and weakened late
July 15th, 2017CaulfieldClairvauxMatthew Williams9thRidden too close, failed to finish off
July 15th, 2017MoeGalileo's PearlMick Kent1stGreat win second-up, hopefully more to come
July 13th, 2017BallaratDash Of MapleDarren Weir2ndGreat run, well ridden with good tactics
July 13th, 2017BallaratPressing MattersDarren Weir2ndSolid effort, looking for 2400m
July 12th, 2017SandownYogiDarren Weir3rdAnother top effort for 3rd
July 10th, 2017EchucaPropensityJoshua Julius8thOnly fair, d-day next run
July 10th, 2017EchucaSovereign WealthMichelle Payne6thEven effort only, blinkers back on next start
July 9th, 2017WarrnamboolSilver StratumDarren Weir2ndGallant again, deserves a win
July 9th, 2017WarrnamboolShortspressoMatthew Williams11thPoor again. finished
July 9th, 2017PakenhamRocketcodDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig9thPoor, over-raced and dropped out
July 8th, 2017BelmontAbbassoLou LucianiLastPoor run, at the crossroads
July 8th, 2017DoombenShe's Our StarTony Gollan1stGreat win, ridden off the speed
July 7th, 2017BendigoSirius WitnessArchie Alexander3rdLed, run down
July 5th, 2017SandownHigh LagoDarren Weir2ndSolid effort, ready to win
July 4th, 2017GeelongCarraig AonairDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig1stExcellent win, good ride, great training effort
July 4th, 2017GeelongMai Shiny ChoiceRobbie Griffiths4thGreat return first-up
July 2nd, 2017FranceTiberianAlain Couetil9thSeemingly a very poor tactical ride
July 1st, 2017CastertonShortspressoMatthew Williams4thImproved effort, gets another chance
July 1st, 2017CastertonDash Of MapleDarren Weir3rdSolid effort when rising in grade
July 1st, 2017MorphettvilleTintagliaArchie Alexander9thPoor result, but a virus was detected post race
July 1st, 2017CaulfieldClairvauxMatthew Williams8thTerrific run, on track
July 1st, 2017Belmont ParkAbbassoLou Luiciani7thA little disappointing
June 29th, 2017BallaratStringer BellDarren Weir3rdMuch better run
June 29th, 2017BallaratSilver StratumDarren Weir2ndAnother honest run
June 28th, 2017SandownYogiDarren Weir1stAnother big finish to win impressively.
June 28th, 2017FranceSeismosHenk Grewe3rdFound his niche
June 27th, 2017MurtoaReigning MeteorMatthew Williams8thPoor result, need to see him on Heavy
June 27th, 2017MurtoaEquiettoDarren Weir2ndMuch better run to just miss.
June 27th, 2017MurtoaReady CashDarren Weir9thRan home okay
June 25th, 2017WarrnamboolShortspressoMatthew Williams10thPoor effort, at the crossroads
June 24th, 2017FlemingtonFalagoDarren Weir5thRan well again to just miss a place
June 24th, 2017DoombenShe's Our StarTony Gollan3rdOver-raced finding the lead, ran okay for 3rd
June 22nd, 2017WangarattaPressing MattersDarren Weir4thRan on strongly after a checked run.
June 21st, 2017BendigoSirius WitnessArchie Alexander2ndNarrow second again
June 20th, 2017PakenhamRocketcodDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig2ndJust failed to grab winner
June 19th, 2017DonaldPeruggiaDarren Weir1stBeautifully ridden, great win
June 17th, 2017Belmont ParkAbbassoLou Luciani3rdGreat first-up run.
June 17th, 2017WodongaPropensityJosh Julius6thEven effort first-up, ready for further
June 16th, 2017GeelongCarraig AonairDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig6thRan on fairly after racing fiercely early
June 15th, 2017BallaratSilver StratumDarren Weir3rdUnlucky, ran well again
June 14th, 2017SandownYogiDarren Weir1stFantastic finishing burst to win
June 13th, 2017PakenhamGalileo's PearlMick KentLastRaced wide and knocked up, needed the run
June 13th, 2017 FranceSeismosHenk Grewe1stFar too good for that grade, strong win!
June 12th, 2017MorningtonStringer BellDarren Weir6thLooking for further now
June 11th, 2017HamiltonDash Of MapleDarren Weir1stStrong effort in the wet to score first-up
June 11th, 2017Swan HillTintagliaArchie Alexander3rdTough run for third
June 11th, 2017Swan HillSovereign WealthMichelle Payne3rdSettled well, ran on well, much better effort
June 10th, 2017Gold CoastAmerican MuscleTony Gollan8thDisappointing on debut
June 10th, 2017FlemingtonFalagoDarren Weir1stSuper ride and great return to form
June 9th, 2017Swan HillClairvauxMatthew WilliamsLastHappy enough with his comeback run
June 8th, 2017PakenhamEquiettoDarren Weir6thOnly an even run
June 8th, 2017PakenhamSirius WitnessArchie Alexander2ndGreat run, just pipped
June 7th, 2017SandownHigh LagoDarren Weir8thRan okay, looking for 2400m now
June 6th, 2017WangarattaStreets Of DubaiDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom DabernigLastPoor run
June 5th, 2017WarrnamboolPressing MattersDarren Weir6thBattled on okay, needs further
June 5th, 2017WarrnamboolSovereign WealthMichelle Payne8thOver-raced in blinkers first up
June 4th, 2017BallaratReigning MeteorMatthew Williams9thDisappointing, but had excuses
June 3rd, 2017BendigoCarraig AonairDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig9thDisappointing again
June 3rd, 2017DoombenShe's Our StarTony Gollan3rdMuch better run, ready to win
June 3rd, 2017Moonee ValleyWanted DivaDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig1stExcellent win after a great ride
May 31st, 2017PakenhamTintagliaArchie Alexander9thSaddle slipped and forget the run
May 31st, 2017PakenhamPeruggiaDarren Weir2ndExcellent run, knocking on the door
May 31st, 2017PakenhamRocketcodDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom DabernigLastDid not handle the heavy at all
May 30th, 2017FranceSeismosHenk Grewe5thQuestionable ride again
May 27th, 2017SandownBroadway And FirstDarren Weir9thHeading for  well-earned spell
May 24th, 2017BallaratMy ObsessionDarren Weir4thHonest run again
May 23rd, 2017SeymourStreets Of DubaiDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig7thNeeded the run, also uncomfortable on sandy track
May 23rd, 2017SeymourSilver StratumDarren Weir2ndGood run again, ready to win
May 23rd, 2017SeymourEquiettoDarren Weir5thUncomfortable on the sandy surface
May 21st, 2017CastertonFalagoDarren Weir6thBetter effort with luck should have ran third.
May 21st, 2017BendigoYogiDarren Weir2ndGreat first-up run, got home hard
May 19th, 2017CranbourneHigh LagoDarren Weir3rdGood run, getting fitter each run
May 19th, 2017GeelongShortspressoMatthew Williams10thRide a query, but does need it wetter
May 19th, 2017GeelongPeruggiaDarren Weir6thUnlucky again
May 18th, 2017PakenhamCarraig AonairDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig6thDisappointing effort
May 18th, 2017KilmorePressing MattersDarren Weir10thRan on fairly, needs further
May 14th, 2017BerlinSeismosHenk Grewe14thPast Group 1 racing, wide but well beaten
May 13th, 2017DonaldStringer BellDarren Weir5thSecond-up in a much easier race.
May 13th, 2017DoombenShe's Our StarTony Gollan9thA few things went wrong, disappointing
May 13th, 2017MorphettvilleBroadway And FirstDarren Weir12thWorst run this prep.
May 12th, 2017CranbourneWanted DivaDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig1stTravelled beautifully, won very well.
May 12th, 2017GeelongSirius WitnessMatt Cumani3rdJust battled to the line
May 11th, 2017Swan HillHimeji JoDarren Weir5thOnly ran on fairly after a nice run in transit
May 10th, 2017SandownTintagliaArchie Alexander10thOnly fair at best
May 10th, 2017SandownThink BabeDarren Weir8thKnuckled badly at the start and may have affected performance
May 9th, 2017Geelong SynRocketcodDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig2ndRan home very well for a good first-up 2nd
May 8th, 2017Saint CloudTiberianAlain Couteil1stEasy win after camping behind the leader
May 7th, 2017PakenhamOur ApproachDarren Weir5thStruggled on the heavy track
May 5th, 2017BendigoSilver StratumDarren Weir3rdFinished off well, is ready to win now
May 5th, 2017BendigoStreets Of DubaiDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig8thRan on nicely late
May 4th, 2017WarrnamboolCaptain HarryDarren Weir6thFair run, struggled on chopped out track
May 4th, 2017WarrnamboolReigning MeteorMatthew Williams6thNo luck when it counted, should have finished closer to first three
May 4th, 2017WarrnamboolMy ObsessionDarren Weir6thRidden differently and didn't her racing style
May 3rd, 2017WarrnamboolHigh LagoDarren Weir9thDisappointed, looking for better track
May 2nd, 2017WarrnamboolShortspressoMatthew Williams2ndExcellent first-up effort
May 2nd, 2017WarrnamboolEquiettoDarren Weir8thDidn't appreciate the heavy track
April 23rd, 2017PakenhamCarraig AonairDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig2ndBeaten a nose
April 23rd, 2017TerangFalagoDarren Weir5thStruggled, retirement looms
April 22nd, 2017MorphettvilleBroadway And FirstDarren Weir1stGreat win, fourth this prep
April 22nd, 2017MorphettvilleBloodletteDarren Weir13thWide all trip, off for a spell
April 22nd, 2017CaulfieldThink BabeDarren Weir2ndExcellent run from wide gate
April 22nd, 2017CaulfieldWanted DivaDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig11thWell back, but ran okay on debut
April 20th, 2017Pakenham SynPeruggiaDarren Weir4thVery unlucky when squeezed late
April 19th, 2017BendigoSilver StratumDarren Weir5thFirst up, solid effort
April 19th, 2017BendigoHigh LagoDarren Weir4thWorked home strongly first up
April 19th, 2017BendigoCaptain HarryDarren Weir4thGood effort, checked in straight, should have ran 3rd
April 16th, 2017SandownMy ObsessionDarren Weir2ndAnother good run
April 16th, 2017BerlinSeismosHenk Grewe3rdMuch better effort
April 16th, 2017StawellHimeji JoDarren Weir2ndJust missed, ready to win again
April 15th, 2017DoombenGuest Of HonourMatthew Dunn7thHad a nice run, seemed to peak on his run late.
April 15th, 2017CaulfieldStringer BellDarren Weir11thRun off his legs early, worked home okay late
April 13th, 2017PakenhamTennessee GoldDarren WeirLastBasically pulled up in the straight
April 12th, 2017BallaratThink BabeDarren Weir1stTough win after a seven week break
April 12th, 2017Sunshine CoastTypecastTony Gollan10thLast run for ATB, disappointing
April 9th, 2017TerangPiqueDarren Weir5thVery wet and ran well on worst part of track
April 9th, 2017EchucaPeruggiaDarren Weir4thGood effort, green, just faded late
April 7th, 2017DonaldSirius WitnessMatt Cumani4thMissed the start, then held up at a crucial stage
April 5th, 2017Sunshine CoastRed HandleTony Gollan3rdRan home well from last
April 5th, 2017SandownMy ObsessionDarren Weir3rdHonest again, finished off well
April 1st, 2017BendigoBroadway And FirstDarren Weir6thShuffled back and not much luck from the 600m
March 30th, 2017WarrnamboolHimeji JoDarren Weir7thOrdinary run
March 28th, 2017St Cloud - FranceTiberianAlain Couteil1stLed and sprinted away to win
March 27th, 2017Dusseldorf - GermanySeismosHenk GreweLastWent poorly
March 26th, 2017BallaratTennessee GoldDarren Weir2ndGood strong effort
March 25th, 2017Meydan - DubaiHeartbreak CityTony MartinUnplDid not handle the heavy track
March 25th, 2017BenallaCarraig AonairDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig3rdExcellent first-up run beaten only half length
March 24th, 2017TerangRansom MoneyDarren Weir1stGreat to get the win.....and the Vobis Money!
March 21st, 2017BallaratOur ApproachDarren Weir4thNice return from injury
March 21st, 2017BallaratPeruggiaDarren Weir5thExcellent debut, just tired late
March 19th, 2017Yarra ValleyFalagoDarren WeirLastStruggled on firm track
March 17th, 2017Moonee ValleyMy ObsessionDarren Weir2ndBig run from last
March 17th, 2017Moonee ValleyBloodletteDarren Weir3rdAnother solid run, promising stayer
March 15th, 2017SandownHimeji JoDarren Weir10thA bit disappointing
March 15th, 2017DoombenTypecastTony Gollan7thNothing went right
March 13th, 2017rdMoonee ValleyRansom MoneyDarren Weir5thRan well, out to 1400m next start
March 12th, 2017MilduraBroadway And FirstDarren Weir1stIn top form, great ride, super win
March 11th, 2017EdenhopeSirius WitnessMatt Cumani3rdNot a lot of luck, but worked home strongly
March 10th, 2017CranbourneEmbroideryDarren Weir1stWell deserved, easy win
March 9th, 2017PakenhamMagical MillyRobbie Griffiths6thNot much luck, sales next stop!
March 8th, 2017Eagle FarmRed HandleTony Gollan1stStrong finish and win
March 8th, 2017BallaratTennessee GoldDarren Weir5thRan on well to just miss a place
March 4th, 2017Eagle FarmGuest Of HonourMatt Dunn6thBetter for that run, ready for extra trip
March 3rd, 2017CranbourneFalagoDarren Weir8thRan well only beaten 3.7 len
March 2nd, 2017PakenhamRansom MoneyDarren Weir4thNo match for winner, but ran well, very green still
February 28th, 2017BendigoBroadway And FirstDarren Weir1stFar too good, won by 4 lengths
February 28th, 2017BendigoHimeji JoDarren Weir2ndAnother honest effort
February 27th, 2017AraratEmbroideryDarren Weir2ndThree wide the trip, just missed
February 26th, 2017BallaratMagical MillyRobbie Griffiths4thEven effort
February 23rd, 2017WarrnamboolBloodletteDarren Weir1stWell deserved victory, easy win
February 23rd, 2017WarrnamboolThink BabeDarren Weir1stSmashed them, great win
February 17th, 2017IpswichRed HandleTony Gollan1stJust held on
February 16th, 2017NewcastleTypecastPeter & Paul Snowden10thPoor run, heading for the sales
February 16th, 2017PakenhamTennessee GoldDarren Weir8thOkay effort up in class
February 16th, 2017PakenhamMy ObsessionDarren Weir3rdHonest effort again
February 16th, 2017StawellRansom MoneyDarren Weir3rdGreat debut, running on strongly
February 11th, 2017MorphettvilleBroadway And FirstDarren Weir2nd Ran home very well for second
February 11th, 2017KynetonHimeji JoDarren Weir1stVery solid win, has come back a stronger mare
February 11th, 2017KynetonMagical MillyRobbie Griffiths5thFair, maybe blinkers next start or out in trip
February 9th, 2017KilmoreBloodletteDarren Weir3rdLoomed to win, just missed
February 7th, 2017BallaratEmbroideryDarren Weir2ndMuch improved effort
February 4th, 2017Eagle FarmGuest Of HonourMatt Dunn8thFelt the track first-up
February 4th, 2017RandwickWe're SurePeter & Paul Snowden8thLooking to head North, change of stables, easier races, wetter tracks
February 4th, 2017CaulfieldFalagoDarren WeirLastNeeds racing
February 4th, 2017CaulfieldMy ObsessionDarren Weir6thJust battled
February 2nd, 2017TerangCa PlaneDarren WeirLastDisappointing, might need gelding
February 2nd, 2017TerangTennessee GoldDarren Weir1stGreat ride, strong win
January 28th, 2017AscotAbbassoLou Luciani7thBeaten 3 lengths, looking for further
January 28th, 2017Kembla GrangeTypecastPeter & Paul Snowden4thFair effort
January 28th, 2017Sunshine CoastRed HandleTony Gollan8thWorked home fairly late
January 28th, 2017FlemingtonFirehouse RockDarren WeirLastJarred up
January 27th, 2017Moonee ValleyBroadway And FirstDarren Weir7thDisappointing result, although not much luck
January 27th, 2017WerribeeEmbroideryDarren Weir7thOver-raced, faded late first-up
January 27th, 2017WerribeeThink BabeDarren Weir2ndVery nice debut
January 26th, 2017CaulfieldChateau GriffoRobbie Griffiths3rdSlashing debut run
January 25th, 2017PakenhamHigh LagoDarren Weir4thSlightly disappointing, needs to be ridden back
January 23rd, 2017SeymourMillineryDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom DabernigLastNot sure what to make of that run
January 22ndLeopardstownHeartbreak CityTony Martin8thRan and jumped well, just tired late
January 22ndSaleMagical MillyRobbie Griffiths4thUnlucky, should have nearly won
January 22nd, 2017HobartTaiyooDarren WeirFFUnfortunately we lost a champion
January 22nd, 2017Great WesternHimeji JoDarren Weir2ndNice first-up run
January 21st, 2017Moonee ValleyMy ObsessionDarren Weir2ndBetter run to finish off well for 2nd
January 15th, 2017WarrnamboolFirehouse RockDarren Weir4thPleasing effort first-up
January 15th, 2017WarrnamboolHigh LagoDarren Weir2ndLooked the winner, but for laying in late
January 15th, 2017WarrnamboolTennessee GoldDarren Weir3rdRan well, first two a bit strong
January 14th, 2017AscotAbbassoLou Luiciani4thReady to win after another solid effort
January 14th, 2017RandwickWe're SurePeter & Paul Snowden5thRan home very well from last
January 13th, 2017AraratBloodletteDarren Weir2ndHonest effort on wet track, better for that run over 2000m
January 11th, 2017SandownMy ObsessionDarren Weir7thFair, not sure she travelled down the hill
January 11th, 2017CanterburyTypecastPeter & Paul Snowden5thFair first-up performance
January 8th, 2017WarrnamboolBroadway And FirstDarren Weir1stSuper win, sprinting hard from back in the field
January 7th, 2017Gold CoastRed HandleTony GollanLastPoor run, not sure what went wrong
January 7th, 2017Pinjarra ParkAbbassoLou Luiciani4thGreat run, back on track
January 6th, 2017StawellPropensityDarren WeirLastBest forget the run altogether
January 4th, 2017SandownTintagliaDarren Weir7thBattled only fairly to the line
January 3rd, 2017Stony CreekMagical MillyRobbie Griffiths3rdFitter for today's effort
January 2nd, 2017GeelongBloodletteDarren Weir4thNice effort, looking for 2000m now.
January 1st, 2017MorningtonSovereign WealthMichelle Payne5thOnly okay, needs a spell and start again
January 1st, 2017MorningtonTennessee GoldDarren Weir5thFair first-up effort
January 1st, 2017FlemingtonMy ObsessionDarren Weir4thBest run this prep, worked home nicely
January 1st, 2017FlemingtonSilver StratumDarren WeirLastFelt the track, paddock
January 1st, 2017FlemingtonTaiyooDarren Weir5thSix weeks between runs, finished off nicely
December 31st, 2016Moonee ValleyMillineryDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig7thWent too hard in the lead, stopped late
December 27th, 2016WarrnamboolHigh LagoDarren Weir1stGood tough win
December 27th, 2016WarrnamboolRoyal FantasyMatthew Williams7thOnly fair, heading for a spell
December 24th, 2016DoombenShe's Our StarTony Gollan3rdGreat run in very fast time
December 24th, 2016RosehillWe're SurePeter & Paul SnowdenLastDisappointing, although only beaten 3.4 len
December 24th, 2016SandownYogiDarren Weir8thGoing for a spell
December 23rd, 2016CranbourneBroadway And FirstDarren Weir2ndJust nabbed, racing well
December 23rd, 2016KynetonPropensityDarren Weir3rdGood effort, looking for a bit further now
December 19th, 2016EchucaZoomesdayDarren Weir8thUnfortunately not up to it.
December 17th, 2016MorphettvilleMisty SeaDarren Weir5thBit lost around the tight circuit, maybe leading could have helped.
December 17th, 2016FlemingtonMillineryDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig4thSolid effort, better for that run, and suited better around a corner
December 17th, 2016ColacSovereign WealthMichelle Payne6thRan okay, may have felt the track
December 16th, 2016Moonee ValleySilver StratumDarren Weir4thRan well on a leader's track
December 15th, 2016GeelongTintagliaDarren Weir8thOver-raced from wide gate
December 15th, 2016GeelongBloodletteDarren Weir10thRun not as bad as it looks on paper
December 14th, 2016MorningtonMy ObsessionDarren Weir5thDisappointing run
December 14th, 2016MorningtonEquiettoDarren Weir7thRaced too fiercely
December 12th, 2016KilmorePropensityDarren Weir6thNo luck after jumping, ran home okay
December 11th, 2016WerribeeRoyal FantasyMatthew Williams7thWell back, but rider suggests going well
December 10th, 2016FlemingtonStringer BellDarren WeirLastFirm track against him
December 9th, 2016Moonee ValleyBroadway And FirstDarren Weir3rdHad a great run, maybe entitled to finish closer
December 9th, 2016Moonee ValleyYogiDarren Weir6thGot back and things never worked out
December 8th, 2016KynetonHigh LagoDarren Weir3rdSlightly disappointing on wet track
December 7th, 2016SandownMisty SeaDarren Weir6thWorked hard to lead, battled on well
December 5th, 2016TerangBloodletteDarren Weir5thEncouraging performance on debut
December 4th, 2016GeelongCaptain HarryDarren Weir7thShowed pace, tired late
December 4th, 2016GeelongMillineryDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig1stEasy all the way first-up win
December 2nd, 2016Moonee ValleyStreets Of DubaiDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig8thEven run, spell
December 1st, 2016WarrnamboolEquiettoDarren Weir1stTough win, looks back on track
December 1st, 2016WarrnamboolZoomesdayDarren Weir5thBetter run, but wilted late
December 1st, 2016WarrnamboolOur ApproachDarren Weir1stRide full of initiative, great win
November 30th, 2016BendigoSilver StratumDarren Weir4thSeemingly every chance
November 26th, 2016Swan HillCullinanDarren Weir8thPoor run, time to move on
November 26th, 2016AscotAbbassoJim TaylorLastRidden totally wrong
November 26th, 2016Moonee ValleyRocketcodDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig8thOutclassed at this stage over that trip
November 24th, 2016CranbourneTintagliaDarren Weir2ndUnlucky should have won
November 23rd, 2016BendigoBroadway And FirstDarren Weir1stGreat return to racing
November 22nd, 2016SandownHigh LagoDarren Weir5thTempo of race dodnt suit
November 22nd, 2016SandownYogiDarren Weir1stGreat finish to win well
November 21st, 2016BallaratStreets Of DubaiDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig1stWon easily
November 20th, 2016KilmoreStringer BellDarren Weir3rdRan home strongly to just miss.
November 20th, 2016KilmoreEquiettoDarren Weir4thRan home okay
November 19th, 2016BallaratTaiyooDarren Weir13thNever in the race
November 18th, 2016KynetonMisty SeaDarren Weir3rdBetter for that even effort
November 17th, 2016PakenhamZoomesdayDarren Weir7thNo luck from inside draw
November 16th, 2016SandownMy ObsessionDarren Weir4thHeld up crucial stage, ran on well
November 14th, 2016WangarattaOur ApproachDarren Weir7thRan on fairly, will now try over 2000.
November 13th, 2016DonaldSilver StratumDarren Weir1stGreat win, promising horse
November 13th, 2016NewcastleSovereign WealthPeter & Paul Snowden2ndBeaten by a smart horse again
November 10th, 2016EchucaYogiDarren Weir2ndUnlucky, flew home
November 9th, 2016BendigoTintagliaDarren Weir4thStuck on really well, ready to step out further in trip now.
November 8th, 2016MorningtonCullinanDarren Weir4thHonest effort under the big weight
November 6th, 2016AraratRoan ChevalDarren Weir5thStumbled at the start and could not get into the race after that
November 6th, 2016AraratHigh LagoDarren Weir3rdHit the line well second-up
November 6th, 2016AraratEquiettoDarren Weir3rdBetter run, ran home well, looking for further
November 6th, 2016YorkAbbassoJim Taylor5thImproved effort
November 4th, 2016CranbourneZoomesdayDarren Weir6thEven effort, looking for further
November 2nd, 2016KynetonTaiyooDarren Weir1stGreat win and return to form.
November 1st, 2016MorphettvilleStreets Of DubaiDavid & Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig9thDisappointing, might need gelding
November 1stFlemingtonHeartbreak CityTony Martin2ndSuper tough effort, brilliant ride to almost win the MELBOURNE CUP
November 1stFlemingtonRockoliciousDarren Weir7thRan well, but may have felt the firm track
November 1st, 2016EchucaOur ApproachDarren Weir5thAverage run
October 30th, 2016BallaratSilver StratumDarren Weir2ndSolid effort, wide the trip, fitter now
October 29th, 2016GoulburnSovereign WealthPeter & Paul Snowden3rdConsistent effort again
October 29th, 2016MortlakeCullinanDarren Weir4thMissed the start, ran well
October 28th, 2016Moonee ValleyRoyal FantasyMatthew Williams7thRan home well beaten only 1.4 len
October 28th, 2016Moonee ValleyMy ObsessionDarren Weir3rdRan fairly, blinkers next start
October 28th, 2016HorshamLicorice BulletDarren Weir5thEven effort
October 28th, 2016HorshamMisty SeaDarren Weir4thNice debut
October 27th, 2016PakenhamTintagliaDarren Weir5thMuch improved, getting fitter
October 27th, 2016PakenhamStringer BellDarren Weir1stRacing well, tough win!
October 24th, 2016BenallaYogiDarren Weir1stGood first-up win
October 21st, 2016Moonee ValleyTaiyooDarren Weir3rdMuch improved effort, back on track
October 20th, 2016Swan HillHigh LagoDarren Weir7thSolid return at short trip
October 20th, 2016Swan HillZoomesdayDarren Weir3rdSettled back, ran on well
October 19th, 2016GeelongRockoliciousDarren Weir1stGreat ride, great win, black type.
October 16th, 2016WarrnamboolTintagliaDarren Weir10thOver-raced badly
October 16th, 2016WarrnamboolEquiettoDarren Weir8thPoor run
October 16th, 2016EchucaDash Of MapleDarren Weir6thJust fair to the line
October 15th, 2016AscotAbbassoJim Taylor6thPoor first-up
October 15th, 2016BendigoStringer BellDarren Weir4thSolid effort
October 15th, 2016BendigoLicorice BulletDarren Weir6thEven run only
October 15th, 2016AvocaCullinanDarren Weir1stWell ridden, strong win
October 15th, 2016MorphettvilleStreets Of DubaiDavid & Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig7thRan on fairly from well back....needing 1400/1600
October 14th, 2016DonaldSilver StratumDarren Weir10thNo luck, held up
October 14th, 2016DonaldSavoire SpiritMatthew Williams13thRetired
October 14th, 2016DonaldOur ApproachDarren Weir7thMissed start, ran home well
October 10th, 2016WangarattaMaple's ImageDarren Weir8thStruggled on the Heavy
October 10th, 2016Pakenham SynCarraig AonairDavid & Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig5thDisappointing
October 10th, 2016Pakenham SynZoomesdayDarren Weir8thDisappointing, blinkers next start
October 8thNewmarketSeismosMarco BottiLost RiderLost rider 200m after the start
October 8th, 2016Pakenham  SynD'OrsevistDavid & Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig1stSolid overdue win, great result
October 8th, 2016Kembla GrangeSovereign WealthPeter & Paul Snowden3rdStrong late, beaten by smart galloper
October 8th, 2016DoombenShe's Our StarTony Gollan1stGreat debut win
October 8th, 2016MorphettvilleMy ObsessionDarren Weir5thNot much luck again
October 6th, 2016BendigoRoan ChevalDarren WeirLastPulled up with the thumps
October 3rd, 2016EchucaDash Of MapleDarren Weir3rdFinished off well
October 2nd, 2016FlemingtonRockoliciousDarren Weir5thWell ridden, just missing some black type
October 1st, 2016CaulfieldStringer BellDarren Weir5thWide the trip, ran well
September 30th, 2016Moonee ValleyTaiyooDarren Weir10thDisappointing
September 26th, 2016KilmoreRoan ChevalDarren Weir1stRidden on speed, tough win
September 25th, 2016Murray BridgeChe's ExplosiveDamien BattersLastPoor effort, finished
September 24th, 2016Kembla GrangeSovereign WealthPeter & Paul Snowden2ndJust run down late
September 24th, 2016MorphettvilleStreets Of DubaiDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig5thRan home nicely
September 23rd, 2016Moonee ValleyMy ObsessionDarren Weir10thNo luck, checked in the straight
September 23rd, 2016Swan HillDash Of MapleDarren Weir4thNice run, getting closer
September 20th, 2016EchucaCullinanDarren Weir8thFair, fitter now, but looking for firm tracks
September 20th, 2016EchucaD'OrsevistDavid, Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig2ndWins in one more stride
September 19th, 2016CastertonZoomesdayDarren Weir4thEven run
September 18th, 2016Pakenham SynCarraig AonairHayes, Hayes & Dabernig1stGreat win from wide gate
September 18th, 2016Pakenham SynMaple's ImageDarren Weir9thGot back and couldn't run on
September 17th, 2016CaulfieldTaiyooDarren WeirLastDisappointing
September 16th, 2016Geelong SynStringer BellDarren Weir1stGreat return for dead-heat first
September 16th, 2016Geelong SynEquiettoDarren Weir5thWide the trip, forget the run
September 13th, 2016Swan HillLicorice BulletDarren Weir2ndHonest effort on very heavy track
September 10th, 2016Kembla GrangeSovereign WealthPeter & Paul Snowden6thok effort from awkward draw
September 10th, 2016FlemingtonRockoliciousDarren Weir9thOnly beaten 1.5 after wide run
September 10th, 2016DoombenRed HandleTony Gollan8thFloundered on the soft track
September 8th, 2016MorningtonRoan ChevalDarren WeirLast
May have felt the track, but only beaten 4.1 len
September 5th, 2016BenallaD'OrsevistHayes, Hayes & Dabernig2ndExcellent return on a heavy track
September 5th, 2016BenallaCarraig AonairHayes, Hayes & Dabernig7thFitter for the run in unsuitable heavy conditions.
September 5th, 2016BenallaDash Of MapleDarren Weir5thNice debut on heavy track.
September 4th, 2016GeelongShortspressoMatthew Williams11thHeading for a spell
September 4th, 2016GeelongSaviore SpiritMatthew Williams13thDisappointing, maybe looking for further now
September 3rd, 2016WarracknabealLicorice BulletDarren Weir2ndFound one a bit too good
August 31st, 2016CanterburyTypecastPeter & Paul SnowdenLastForget the run, didn't handle the conditions at all.
August 31st, 2016SandownMy ObsessionDarren Weir4thFinished off nicely, ready to fire now
August 27th, 2016DonaldCullinanDarren Weir8thMissed the start, fair from that point onwards
August 27th, 2016CaulfieldTaiyooDarren Weir6thAnother solid effort, ready for further
August 27th, 2016RosehillWe're SurePeter & Paul Snowden4thHonest again, not a lot of luck
August 25th, 2016WarrnamboolEquiettoDarren Weir4thLooked winner on straightening, but tired late on heavy ground
August 25th, 2016WarrnamboolHimeji JoDarren Weir4thMade an early move, tired late on very heavy ground
August 25th, 2016WarrnamboolShortspressoMatthew Williams6thCopped a check, ran ok
August 24th, 2016SandownRoyal FantasyMatthew Williams7thover raced, hung on okay
August 24th, 2016SandownReigning MeteorMatthew Williams10thDisappointing
August 23rd, 2016GosfordSovereign WealthPeter & Paul Snowden3rdPromising debut run
August 20th, 2016Moonee ValleyRockoliciousDarren Weir5thNot much luck from the inside barrier
August 17th, 2016GeelongLicorice BulletDarren Weir11thDisappointing result, but maybe track bias played a part
August 17th, 2016GeelongSavoire SpiritMatthew Williams6thRan well, despite hard run first-up
August 14th, 2016Port AugustaThe Last AngelDamian Batters6thPoor again, beaten along way
August 14th, 2016Port AugustaChe's ExplosiveDamian Batters5thFair effort first-up
August 13th, 2016Eagle FarmRed HandleTony Gollan14thBeaten a long way, disappointing
August 13th, 2016RosehillWe're SurePeter & Paul Snowden1stSuper win from last
August 13th, 2016ColeraineHimeji JoDarren Weir3rdWide the trip, caught late
August 13th, 2016MorphettvilleLuckyI'mbarefootMatthew Williams8thTime has caught up, to be retired.
August 7th, 2016EchucaMy ObsessionDarren Weir3rdRan well, may not have liked the real Heavy track
August 6th, 2016FlemingtonTaiyooDarren Weir5thNice effort resuming
August 6th, 2016FlemingtonFalagoDarren Weir7thFlat, heading for a spell
August 4th, 2016WarrnamboolReigning MeteorMatthew Williams2ndHonest effort again
August 4th, 2016WarrnamboolHimeji JoDarren Weir5thGood effort, getting closer
August 3rd, 2016Murray BridgeThe Last AngelDamian Batters11thPoor effort
August 2nd, 2016WarracknabealChloe AnnaDarren Weir5thLost her zest for racing
August 2nd, 2016WarracknabealChoisanceMatthew Williams9thOrdinary again, time to move on
August 2nd 2016Warracknabeal            
Licorice Bullet     
Darren Weir          1st
 Super first up win from last