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Racehorse Runners and Results 2011-12


Runners Winners Placings Wins to Runners Top 3 Finish
215 38 60 18% 46%
Date Venue Horses name Trainer Result Comments
Jul 30 Echuca Mumbeilly P. Moody 2nd terrific return, motored to the line
Jul 29 Sandown Resolvere D. Weir 4th honest effort on a heavy10 track
Jul 28 Darwin Syreon J. Manning 7th well beaten, darwin cup bound next start
Jul 28 Warrrnambool A City Girl M. Williams 7th every chance, didn't finish off
Jul 28 Morphettville Shiny Buttons D. Weir 2nd good effort to run 2nd after no joy in run
Jul 28 Caulfield Luckyi'mbarefoot M. Williams 5th forget he went around today
Jul 16 Mildura Sustania D. Weir 13th well beaten on debut
Jul 14 Darwin Syreon J. Manning 6th ran home nicely and fitter now
Jul 14 Darwin Rock Jester J. Manning 8th got home well and better for the run
Jul 14 Caulfield Luckyi'mbarefoot M. Williams 2nd good run, just nutted in shadows of post
Jul 14 Caulfield Rue Maple D. Weir 13th didn't handle the heavy conditions
Jul 14 Caulfield Platelet D. Weir 1st super listed win by very consistent filly
Jul 14 Caulfield Shiny Buttons D. Weir 2nd top run from wide gate
Jul 08 Warracknabeal Shiny Buttons D. Weir 1st top win in Cup, never really in doubt
Jul 07 Sandown UK Crackerjack King M. Botti 5th solid 5th on unsuitable slow track
Jul 07 Warrnambool Spike M. Williams 8th every chance but disappointing
Jul 07 Flemington Fitoussi D. Weir 5th honest run and found to have Thumps
Jun 30 Darwin Syreon J. Manning 5th good first-up run, needs further
Jun 30 Darwin Rock Jester J. Manning 5th fair effort and better for the outing
Jun 30 Caulfield Platelet D. Weir 1st well ridden for another classy victory
Jun 30 Caulfield Rue Maple D. Weir 2nd got too far back with big weight
Jun 28 Werribee Resolvere D. Weir 2nd another good run and racing well
Jun 27 Caulfield Fitoussi D. Weir 2nd best run this time in and ready now
Jun 27 Caulfield Choiciti M. Williams 10th got too far back and never in it
Jun 24 Casterton A City Girl M. Williams 6th every chance and disappointing
Jun 24 Casterton Shiny Buttons D. Weir 1st very good winnner and well deserved
Jun 24 Royal Ascot Jakkalberry M. Botti 5th good first-up effort and better next time
Jun 20 Sandown Fitoussi D. Weir 11th run home fairly and fitter for run
Jun 18 Mildura Our Rhomeo D. Weir 4th needed the run and better next time out
Jun 16 Flemington Rue Maple D. Weir 4th slightly disappointing but close up 4th.
Jun 16 Flemington Platelet D. Weir 1st strong win with big weight
Jun 13 Sandown Luckyi'mbarefoot M. Williams 1st conditions ideal and classy victory
Jun 12 Warrnambool A City Girl M. Williams 3rd solid run but but no match for first two
Jun 12 Warrnambool Spike M. Williams 3rd honest effort to run third
Jun 09 Swan Hill Lonhspresso D. Weir 2nd big finish to run 2nd on debut
Jun 09 Swan Hill Choiciti M. Williams 1st very good win at just third race start
Jun 08 Swan Hill Shiny Buttons D. Weir 2nd good run, unlucky not to win
Jun 06 Flemington Fitoussi D. Weir 8th handy effort, fitter for the run
Jun 03 Hamilton Resolvere D. Weir 1st strong first-up win
Jun 01 Geelong Our Rhomeo D. Weir 10th missed start, better for the run
May 27 Casterton Shiny Buttons D. Weir 2nd top run and not far from win
May 26 Ballarat Keltara D. Weir 9th didn't handle heavy track
May 26 Caulfield Rue Maple D. Weir 2nd very honest, beaten by classy filly
May 26 Caulfield Platelet D. Weir 2nd great run, just beaten by good type
May 20 Mildura Spike M. Williams 4th better run, needs 1600m
May 19 Flemington Fitoussi D. Weir 14th ok first up, will improve. needs it wet
May 13 Cappanelle Crackerjack King S. Botti 1st easy 2.5L win in Gr1 Premio Presidente
May 13 Donald Shiny Buttons D. Weir 3rd top effort first up off long spell
May 12 Morphettville Faltastic M. Kavanagh 10th didn't stay as expected
May 12 Caulfield Rue Maple D. Weir 4th never let down on the firm track
May 12 Caulfield Platelet D. Weir 4th over raced and never settled
May 3 Warrnambool Luckyi'mbarefoot M. Williams 2nd lucky was unlucky, beaten a whisker
May 03 Warrnambool Forever Here M. Williams 9th never handled the heavy track
May 03 Warrnambool Choiciti M. Williams 6th went too hard and sitting duck
May 02 Warrnambool Spike M. Williams 8th wide all way & battled on well
May 01 Warrnambool A City Girl M. Williams 9th didn't finish off as expected
Apr 28 Morphettville Faltastic M. Kavanagh 7th disappointing effort
Apr 26 Mornington Keltara D. Weir 4th wide most of way and battled on
Apr 21 Caulfield Rue Maple D. Weir 1st resumed with impressive win
Apr 15 Hamilton Luckyi'mbarefoot M. Williams 2nd very good 1st up run
Apr 14 Flemington Platelet D. Weir 3rd good first-up run
Apr 14 Morphettville Faltastic M. Kavanagh 2nd outclassed today
Apr 14 Hamilton Choiciti M. Williams 2nd promising debut
Apr 12 Ballarat Keltara D. Weir 4th led until 200m, fair run
Apr 08 Stawell Forever Here M. Williams 1st easy first-up winner
Apr 04 Sandown Evens D. Weir 5th fair effort, disappointing ride
Apr 02 Warrnambool Choisance M. Williams 4th good debut run after slow start
Mar 31 Dubai Jakkalberry M. Botti 3rd ran home nicely for Gr1 third
Mar 31 Dubai Unusual Suspect M. Kent 8th improved run but well beaten
Mar 31 Morphettville Faltastic M. Kavanagh 3rd honest effort, needs more ground
Mar 24 Caulfield Syreon M. Williams 13th poor ride and disappointing result
Mar 24 Terang Curley Sue P. Moody 3rd solid debut run
Mar 22 Ballarat Keltara D. Weir 4th better for run and wasn't far away
Mar 21 Sandown Evens D. Weir 2nd good run, clear 2nd & winner smart
Mar 17 Bendigo Syreon M. Williams 12th back on track, needs further
Mar 10 DUBAI Unusual Suspect M. Kent 14th disappointing run
Mar 10 Morphettville Here The Speaker M. Kavanagh 4th worked from wide draw, needs spell
Mar 10 Morphettville Faltastic M.Kavanagh 1st strong win.
Mar 10 Echuca Evens D. Weir 7th unlucky, poor ride
Mar 09 Ararat A City Girl M.Williams 8th track too firm
Mar 06 Pakenham Keltara D. Weir 8th 1st up- tired at end
Mar 04 Dubai Unusual Suspect M.Kent 8th 2000m to short and track to firm
Mar 03 Flemington Syreon M.Williams 12th pulled up with the thumps. forgive,
Mar 02 Dubai Jakkalberry M.Botti 3rd good run 1st up over 2810m
Feb 24 M. Valley Flying Hula D. Weir 5th flat so spell
Feb 24 Ballarat Faltastic M.Kavanagh 7th ok but needs to lift
Feb 24 Ballarat Here De Speaker M.Kavanagh 1st tough win
Feb 24 Ballarat Rossa May D. Weir 2nd unlucky not to win
Feb 23 Werribee Juene Baby Jeune M.Williams 7th he is struggling
Feb 22 Sandown Evens D. Weir 6th promising 2yr old filly
Feb 19 Hamilton Tortured D. Weir 4th back to 1200m and unlucky in the run
Feb 17 M. Valley Flying Hula D. Weir 1st great ride for a strong win
Feb 17 DUBAI Unusual Suspect M.Kent 6th super effort 1st up in Dubai.
Feb 14 Warrnambool Barely Anytime M.Williams 7th tried hard but no match
Feb 12 Ballarat Faltastic M.Kavanagh 12th 1st up , needs further
Feb 10 M. Valley Here De Speaker M.Kavanagh 8th did not fire
Feb 07 Stawell Fingers Of God M.Williams 6th not up to it.
Feb 05 Hamilton Jeune Baby Jeune M.Williams 7th over raced
Feb 05 Hamilton Tortured D. Weir 9th poorly ridden
Feb 03 Geelong Rossa May D. Weir 3rd honest effort
Jan 31 Warrnambool Queenera D. Weir 1st top win.
Jan 29 Werribee Flying Hula D. Weir 9th no speed on- no hope
Jan 29 Werribee Forever Here M.Williams 1st great effort to win 3 straight.
Jan 23 Terang Arrived M.Williams 4th not the same horse- retired.
Jan 23 Terang Martha Rose D. Weir 4th beaten by two very good horses
Jan 22 Ballarat Edge of Storm D. Weir 1st strong win
Jan 22 Ballarat Rossa May D. Weir 3rd Got too far back
Jan 22 Ballarat Here De Speaker M.Kavanagh 2nd Great debut
Jan 21 Great western Tortured D. Weir 1st led all of the way.
Jan 17 Warrnambool Baremin D. Weir 1st too good today
Jan 16 Ararat Barley Anytime M.Williams 8th try over 2000m
Jan 15 Morphettville Fitoussi D. Weir 4th spell, bring back in winter.
Jan 15 Flemington Flying Hula D. Weir 3rd Good effort
Jan 14 M. Valley Rock Jester D. Weir 6th run off his legs- hit the line good
Jan 12 Ballarat Edge of Storm D. Weir 3rd solid run but no match for the winner.
Jan 10 Stawell Queenera D. Weir 1st good win
Jan 10 Stawell Martha Rose D. Weir 7th ridden to close to the lead.
Jan 08 Warrnambool Forever Here M.Williams 1st very good win
Jan 07 Gunbower Tortured D. Weir 9th ordinary- one last chance
Jan 07 Caulfield Eleve D. Weir 6th Got smashed up in run- bad day,
Jan 06 Seymour Rossa May D. Weir 2nd little unlucky not to win.
Jan 01 Burrumbeet Jeune Baby Jeune M.williams 5th average run
Jan 01 Terang Baremin D. Weir 3rd top debut.
Jan 01 Terang Delbedient D. Weir 7th Good first up effort, needs further
Dec 31 Morphettville Fitoussi D. Weir 1st Too good
Dec 30 Cranbourne Rock Jester D. Weir 1st Tough win 1st up for us
Dec 29 Echuca Queenera D. Weir 3rd nice effort.
Dec 28 Ballarat Rossa May D. Weir 1st very good win
Dec 27 Warrnambool Juene Baby Jeune M.Williams 8th poorly ridden
Dec 27 Warrnambool Arrived M.Williams 5th Better effort- stick to 1000m to 11oom
Dec 27 Warrnambool Barley Anytime M.Williams 10th not going well
Dec 27 Warrnambool Edge of Storm D. Weir 3rd nice run, needs further
Dec 27 Warrnambool Forever Here M.williams 1st strong win.
Dec 27 Warrnambool Martha Rose D. Weir 4th Good run 1st up.
Dec 26 Nhill Tortured D. Weir 3rd fair effort
Dec 26 Geelong Tsokioka M.williams 10th Needs to improve
Dec 26 Caulfield Flying Hula D. Weir 4th poorly ridden
Dec 02 Seymour Mumbeilly P. Moody 4th Good run at 1st start.
Dec 21 Sandown Eleve D. Weir 3rd strong run. looking for 1400m
Dec 17 Flemington Fitoussi D. Weir 10th track to firm jarred up.
Dec 16 M. Valley Jeune Baby Jeune M.Williams 7th outclassed
Dec 16 M. Valley Set Me Straight J.McLean 10th Broke down
Dec 16 M. Valley Flying Hula D. Weir 2nd Unlucky
Dec 12 Terang Queenera D. Weir 6th Needs further
Dec 12 Terang Forever Here M.Williams 2nd just missed, bob of the head.
Dec 12 Terang Edge Of Storm D. Weir 3rd solid first up
Dec 11 M. Valley Arrived M.Williams 9th not good, no idea why
Dec 10 Flemington Lucky imbarefoot M.Williams 9th over raced, spell
Dec 05 Ararat Keypoints M.williams 10th dissappointed again, time to move on.
Dec 05 Ararat Tsukioka M.williams 6th messed it up, needs to improve manners
Dec 05 Ararat Barley Anytime M.williams 12th was 1st up and needs a lot further.
Dec 05 Ararat Set Me Straight J.McLean 1st strong win in fast time
Dec 05 Ararat Midnight Rebel J.Mclean 1st good effort to win from well back.
Dec 03 Caulfield Fitoussi D. Weir 4th solid effort- going well.
Dec 02 M. Valley Flying Hula D. Weir 1st strong win, hit the line well
Dec 01 Seymour Eleve D. Weir 1st 1st starter by lonhro- good win
Nov 28 Warrnambool Set Me Straight J.Mclean 1st Very good win
Nov 28 Warrnambool Wallington Flyer D. Weir 3rd good effort with 59kgs
Nov 28 Warrnambool Luckyimbarefoot M.Williams 1st Dominant win
Nov 28 Warrnambool Juene Baby Jeune M.Williams 3rd good run 2nd up.
Nov 25 M. Valley Arrived M.Williams 9th wasted effort- very messy, not happy.
Nov 21 Hamilton Midnight Rebel J.Mclean 6th run ok
Nov 20 Ballarat Fitoussi D. Weir 6th hit the line well
Nov 15 Warrnambool Jeune Baby Jeune M.Williams 3rd Top effort 1st up.
Nov 13 Geelong Tsukioka M.williams 5th unlucky not to win 1st up.
Nov 13 Donald Wallington Flyer D. Weir 1st strong win, going well.
Nov 13 Donald LuckylmBarefoot M.Williams 3rd Every chance, needs further now.
Nov 12 Dunkeld Keypoints M.Williams 10th knocked over- should have placed
Nov 11 M. Valley Flying Hula D. Weir 2nd massive run, on track now.
Nov 06 Ararat Fitoussi D. Weir 6th 1300m too short- going well
Nov 03 Warrnambool Set Me Straight J.McLean 2nd Just missed.
Nov 03 Warrnambool Midnight Rebel J.Mclean 3rd Another honest run.
Nov 01 Flemington UNUSUAL SUSPECT M.KENT 9th held up, struck interference in Melb Cup
Oct 30 Mt Gambier Midnight Rebel J.McLean 3rd honest run
Oct 28 Stawell Resolvere D. Weir 5th had every chance.
Oct 23 Terang Luck Im Barefoot M.Williams 1st Strong win.
Oct 22 Cranbourne Flying Hula D. Weir 9th wet track again.
Oct 22 St Arnaud Keypoints M.Williams 9th going terrible.
Oct 17 Warrnambool Set Me Straight J.McLean 1st Strong win.
Oct 17 Warrnambool Rossa May J.McLean 5th Probably should have won.
Oct 15 Hamilton Midnight Rebel J.McLean 3rd Good effort first up on firm track.
Oct 15 Caulfield Rue Maple D. Weir 2nd Checked 4 times and should have won.
Oct 11 Echuca Resolvere D. Weir 11th jarred up. can do better
Oct 11 Echuca Flying Hula D. Weir 9th Hit the line well.
Oct 11 Echuca Wallington Flyer D. Weir 3rd A little disappointed with his run.
Oct 09 Tatura Sunshine Lady D. Weir 8th poor run � few issues to sort out.
Oct 08 Caulfield Platelet D. Weir 1st clear winner in Group3 1200m fillies
Oct 04 Terang Rossa May J.Mclean 6th went very poorly on a wet track
Oct 04 Terang Keypoints M.Williams 4th Had every chance, needs 2000m
Oct 02 Murtoa Sunshine Lady D. Weir 6th got her tongoue over the bit.
Sep 30 M. Valley Rue Maple D. Weir 5th brave in Group one manikato stakes
Sep 30 M. Valley Platelet D. Weir 2nd top run in Gr 3 Champagne Stakes
Sep 28 Ballarat Wallington Flyer D. Weir 2nd top effort at debut.
Sep 28 Ballarat Flying Hula D. Weir 5th track was rain affected!!!
Sep 26 Hamilton Keypoints M.Williams 6th track too firm
Sep 18 Swan Hill Tortured D. Weir 5th Expected him to at least place.
Sep 18 Swan Hill Sunshine Lady D. Weir 5th Debut run was good.
Sep 18 Ballarat Faltastic M.Kavanagh 2nd Beaten by a very smart horse.
Sep 17 Caulfield Platelet D. Weir 3rd excellent effort to finish 3rd.
Sep 10 M. Valley Rue Maple D. Weir 2nd Overdue for a win.
Sep 05 Warrnambool Keypoints M.Williams 5th nice effort from wide gate
Sep 03 Flemington Platelet D. Weir 3rd super effort to run 3rd in listed grade
Aug 27 Murtoa Starvinsky D. Weir 5th better effort, little unlucky
Aug 24 Sandown Faltastic M.Kavanagh 4th Honest effort- still learning.
Aug 21 Geelong Platelet D. Weir 1st strong win.
Aug 15 Mildura Judges Call D. Weir 10th Disappointing, sell on.
Aug 13 Caulfield Rue Maple D. Weir 6th Every Chance
Aug 11 Naracourt Midnight Rebel J.McLean 3rd raced flat- freshen up.
Aug 11 Naracourt Fingers Of God M. Williams 4th every chance. pulled up with virus.
Aug 08 Swanhill Set Me Straight J.McLean 6th failed in the heavy, needs firm ground
Aug 07 Warrnambool Tortured D. Weir 8th very disappointing run
Aug 07 Warrnambool Keypoints M.Williams 3rd 1st up for new stable- top effort.
Aug 06 Morphettville Uxorious M.Williams 1st Spring Stakes Grp3 winner- big win.
Aug 04 Bendigo Faltastic M.Kavanagh 1st nice win, promising type
Aug 01 Echuca Platelet D. Weir 2nd good 1st race start effort- promising.