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Racehorse Runners and Results 2009-10


Runners Winners Placings Wins to Runners Top 3 Finish
129 27 23 21% 39%
Date Venue Horses name Trainer Result Comments
Jul 30 Geelong Shiny Buttons P.Moody 6th was too fresh and charged to lead.
Jul 24 M. Valley Rue Maple D. Weir 1st won again. going super
Jul 24 Murtoa Murray Town Lass D. Weir 8th getting fitter
Jul 24 Darwin Quaffle On S. Brown 10th struggling
Jul 19 Mildura Pinsofjoy M.Williams 10th Never a chance and is injured
Jul 19 Mildura Joypinsky M.Williams 10th Didn't do much and is to be moved on.
Jul 19 Mildura Tsukioka M.Williams 10th pulled up distressed, has a virus
Jul 18 Casterton Great impressions D. Weir 10th Lead and weakened on a heavy track.
Jul 17 Caulfield Talktherossa M.Ellerton 10th pulled up with issues behind
Jul 11 Warrnambool Murray Town lass D. Weir 5th good first up run for her.
Jul 10 Darwin Quaffle On S. Brown 10th poor run for new trainer
Jul 08 Bendigo Zero Ice D. Weir 1st Great win,about time.spell now.
Jul 05 Mildura Great Impressions D. Weir 7th very limited on that run
Jul 05 Mildura Pinsofjoy M.Williams 1st Very very good win
Jul 05 Mildura Tsukioka M.Williams 6th missed start, unlucky
Jul 05 Mildura Joypinsky M.Williams 10th staying type , no luck, needs further
Jul 04 Coleraine Miss Presidential M.Williams 9th she is not interested.
Jul 03 Sandown Rue Maple D. Weir 1st She is going well. dominant win
Jun 29 Geelong Zero Ice D. Weir 2nd Rider rolled off fence, unlucky
Jun 28 Echuca Talktherossa M.Ellerton 1st strong win for him over 1624m in heavy
Jun 24 Ballarat Jeune Baby Jeune M.Williams 7th Pulled up distressed, spell now.
Jun 14 M. Valley Rue Maple D. Weir 3rd top run with 58 kgs, close to a win.
Jun 13 Swan Hill Jeune Baby Jeune M.Williams 10th went too hard early, tired late
Jun 12 Swan Hill Zero Ice D. Weir 2nd looked winner until final 30m- game run
Jun 03 Bendigo Talktherossa M.Ellerton 10th out of character- pulled a hamstring in race
Jun 01 Ararat Zero Ice D. Weir 4th Slipped at start- super run
May 31 Casterton Jeune Baby Jeune M.Willams 5th very ordinary ride.
May 30 Randwick Fitoussi P.Moody 7th injured during race
May 23 Mildura Juene Baby Juene M.Williams 2nd top run, ready now.
May 23 Mildura Monarchs R.Smerdon 1st strong win.
May 23 Mildura Great Impressions D. Weir 8th disappointing effort.
May 22 Doomben Broadway Harmony D. Weir 6th top effort from barrier 19 in Gr2 event
May 22 Mildura Zero Ice D. Weir 8th poorly ridden
May 15 Flemington Fitoussi P.Moody 7th needs it wet and further
May 14 Kilmore Great impressions D. Weir 9th poor run without blinkers
May10 Seymour Talktherossa M.Ellerton 5th posted 3 wide, good run 1st up.
May 08 Morphettville Monarchs R.Smerdon 9th disappointing, no pace on
May 08 Pakenham Zero Ice D. Weir 7th waiting for further
May 06 Warrnambool Uxorious M.Williams 2nd seriously unlucky,spell.
May 04 Warrnambool Jeune Baby Jeune M.Williams 5th good run, taken on.
May 02 Morphettville Flying Hula D. Weir 9th only beaten 3L in listed race, spell now
May 02 Morphettville Broadway Harmony D. Weir 1st bold winner in listed event
Apr 25 Avoca Keypoints D. Weir 7th ready for a spell
Apr 25 Avoca Great Impressions D. Weir 2nd top run 1st up.
Apr 24 Sandown Broadway Harmony D. Weir 2nd beaten 10mm, so close, top run.
Apr 24 Sandown Fitoussi P.Moody 13th beaten 6.5l, does not go at Sandown
Apr 24 Ararat Zero Ice D. Weir 9th No hope given the ride.
Apr 22 Ballarat Monarchs R.Smerdon 7th did not handle the shifting track.
Apr 18 Hamilton Jeune Baby Jeune M.Williams 2nd top run 1st up (1600m) in 12 months.
Apr 14 Sandown Uxorious M.Williams 1st too good starts � 3 wins
Apr 12 Kilmore Flying Hula D. Weir 1st dominant 5 length win.
Apr 07 Ballarat Monarchs R. Smerdon 3rd no luck, track too heavy
Apr 07 Ballarat Resolvere D. Weir 3rd beaten on his merits
Apr 05 M. Valley Fitoussi P.Moody 7th good 1st up.
Apr 03 Warracknabeal Quaffle On D. Weir 4th fair run.
Apr 03 Warracknabeal Keypoints D. Weir 1st too good over 2000m, won by 4 lengths.
Apr 01 M. Valley Rue Maple D. Weir 6th dissppointing, pulled up distressed.
Mar 31 Ballarat Flying Hula D. Weir 4th top run , got home very well
Mar 26 M. Valley Resolvere D. Weir 4th No luck 3rd wide on leaders track, strong run
Mar 25 Ballarat Uxorious M.Williams 1st dominant win
Mar 25 Ballarat Miss Presidential M.Kavanagh 8th was disappointed today
Mar 24 Hamilton Midnight Rebel J.Mclean 7th no pace on,back in field, gave him no hope
Mar 22 Ararat Monarchs R.Smerdon 1st was just too good here
Mar 22 Ararat Keypoints D. Weir 2nd unlucky -should have won.
Mar 20 Colac Flying Hula D. Weir 4th Top run.
Mar 20 Colac Volitilious D. Weir 6th Pulled up lame, issues.
Mar 19 M. Valley Broadway Harmony D. Weir 1st outstanding debut win for 2 yr old
Mar 15 Stawell Midnight Rebel J.McLean 8th rider error
Mar 11 Bendigo Volitilious D. Weir 6th disappointed us
Mar 09 Warrnambool Resolvere D. Weir 1st deserving win, can go on.
Mar 09 Warrnambool Starset D. Weir 4th fair effort, time to spell
Mar 09 Warrnambool Keypoints D. Weir 5th top run, now for 1600m
Mar 01 Ararat Volitilious D. Weir 1st strong win.
Feb 28 Pakenham Quaffle On D. Weir 10th dissappointing
Feb 25 Ballarat Starset D. Weir 10th Something wrong, much better than that.
Feb 25 Ballarat Monarchs R.Smerdon 1st great win 1st up, plenty of upside.
Feb 22 Warrnambool Resolvere D. Weir 3rd Strong debut in a strong form race
Feb 22 Warrnambool Flying Hula D. Weir 6th checked on debut, should have run 3rd
Feb 22 Warrnambool Midnight Rebel D. Weir 3rd Top run, ready to win.
Feb 21 Yarra Valley Volitilious D. Weir 3rd Lost all chance at start.
Feb 16 Naracourt Midnight Rebel J.Mclean 4th fair run needs further
Feb 09 Swan Hill Volitilious D. Weir 2nd way back early, flashed home late.
Feb 09 Swan Hill Quaffle on D. Weir 1st Just won today but has improvement
Feb 09 Swan Hill Murray Town Lass D. Weir 7th too far back, needed run (2100m) third up
Feb 07 Colac Starset D. Weir 1st 1st starter- by Reset, strong 2 length win.
Feb 02 Warrnambool Midnight Rebel J.McLean 5th Better run, more distance now
Jan 29 Ballarat Murray Town lass D. Weir 6th Going well
Jan 25 Terang Quaffle On D. Weir 7th average first up.
Jan 01 Warrnambool Midnight Rebel J.McLean 9th 1st starter, needs further
Jan 18 Stawell Volitilious D. Weir 2nd close to a win now
Jan 16 Camperdown Key Points D. Weir 6th ok at first start
Jan 16 Camperdown Murra Town lass D. Weir 2nd top run 1st up.
Jan 10 Warrnambool Volitilious D. Weir 5th looking for 1600m.
Jan 10 Warrnambool Uxorious M.Williams 1st 1st starter- far too good.
Jan 01 Murtoa Holidays D. Weir 4th Good run 1st up in 14 months
Dec 27 Warrnambool Volitilious D. Weir 8th Disappointing effort
Dec 02 Ballarat Talktherossa M.Ellerton 8th Flat- spell
Nov 15 Geelong Talktherossa M.Ellerton 8th Jarred up, strained hamstring
Nov 11 Colac Hysterical Heart D. Weir 5th Every chance, sold
Nov 05 Flemington Rue Maple D. Weir 12th Too strong, too far , spell
Nov 03 Echuca Talktherossa M.Ellerton 1st Broke through for 1600m win at 4th start.
Nov 02 Ballarat Izzabeel D. Weir 9th Poor run, vet found to had infection.
Oct 31 Mortlake Hysterical Heart D. Weir 3rd got too far back in the race.
Oct 27 Hamilton Izzabeel D. Weir 1st Two wins in 4 days, on the up now.
Oct 25 Terang Fitoussi P.Moody 8th Needs cut out of ground and further.
Oct 25 Sale Shiny Buttons P.Moody 3rd 1st starter by Reset, outstanding 1st up run
Oct 24 St Arnaud Izzabeel D. Weir 1st Tough strong win after posted 3 wide
Oct 19 Warrnambool Talktherossa M.Ellerton 3rd much better run- give him 1600m
Oct 17 Bendigo Hysterical Heart D. Weir 2nd she is close to a win
Oct 15 Moe Fitoussi P.Moody 1st came from last on a heavy 10, back to best.
Oct 14 Caulfield Rue Maple D. Weir 3rd Top field winner far too good. she goes well.
Oct 13 Echuca Izzabeel D. Weir 11th Bad run, needs to do better than that.
Oct 12 Donald Hysterical Heart D. Weir 5th much better run
Oct 08 Bendigo TalktheRossa M.Ellerton 11th 1st up will need this
Oct 05 Hamilton Hystericl Heart D. Weir 9th Running out of chances
Oct 03 Murtoa Izzabeel D. Weir 6th Only 1600m, needs 2000m plus
Sep 23 Sandown Fitoussi P.Moody 10th stayer 2nd up, later.
Sep 23 Sandown Rue Maple D. Weir 1st strong win, promising horse.
Sep 21 Warracknabeal Hysterical Heart D. Weir 6th ran on over 2000m again
Sep 20 Ballarat Izzabeel D. Weir 10th stayer 1st up. needs further
Sep 12 M. Valley Keltara D. Weir 8th Leaders not suited. Outclassed?
Sep 07 Cranbourne Fitoussi P.Moody 5th 1st up stayer, out sprinted over 1300m
Sep 06 Warracknabeal Savababe D. Weir 1st dominant win, promising horse.
Sep 06 Warracknabeal Hysterical Heart D. Weir 6th went better than expected
Aug 30 Sandown Keltara D. Weir 4th Ran super. Rider went too hard 800 to 600m.
Aug 21 Horsham Great Impressions D. Weir 5th slow away,made a good impression, spelled
Aug 14 Geelong Keltara D. Weir 1st Dominant winner by 4.5 lengths.
Aug 13 Ballarat Murray Town Lass D. Weir 1st Good win, improving type.spelled.
Aug 12 Sandown Rue Maple D. Weir 3rd Top effort in very strong race.